Book an exclusive space for your AGV

Be sure to secure a position on Elmia Automation's AGV square. An activity area for six companies to demonstrate the AGVs of the future. But also an area to meet and catch up with customers and generate new business. Book today! First come, first served. 


Included in your position on the AGV square: 

  • A dedicated 16 sqm space for your AGV. 
  • Signage with LED screen (2x6m) above the space with your logo scrolling along with the other 5 exhibitors. 
  • Electrical connection for your AGV. 
  • Your company’s name will be included in communication about the AGV square throughout Elmia's different channels. 
  • A separate meeting place for visitors in addition to your stand. 


  • You are responsible for programming your AGV outside of the arena 
  • You must provide manning to the AGV square throughout the fair 

Price: 19 995 SEK 

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Contact Bengt Johansson 

Bengt Johansson
Bengt Johansson
Phone: +46 36 15 22 71