Opening hours and entrance

Thursday 6 June 09.00 - 17.00
Friday 7 June 09.00 - 17.00
Saturday 8 June 09.00 - 16.00

Buy your tickets to SkogsElmia here


Entrance fees

All prices are incl. VAT.

Single day card (Endagsentré) SEK 300
Pre-buy one day entry (Förköp endagsentré)
SEK 240
Multiple day card (Flerdagarsentré) SEK 450
Pre-order multi-day entry (Förköp flerdagarsentré)
SEK 430 
Students and adolescents 14-18 years, single day card SEK 100
Accompanied children under 14 years free of charge
Group discount, 10 %, 15 persons or more, singel day card SEK 240
Group discount, 10 %, 15 persons or more, multiple day card SEK 360

Are you going in groups and are 15 people or more, you can fill out this form to receive a group discount. If you are 15 people or more, but not going to the fair at the same time, we ask you instead to buy your tickets when you arrive at the fair, and share with your fellow travelers)


The fees include entrance fee, parking and fair catalogue.