For visitors

Elmia Garden means two days packed with activities where you will meet the industry's leading companies, listen to many interesting presentations and experience inspiring displays. Elmia Garden is an international meeting place where you can make new contacts, gain know-how and ideas, and compare experiences with your industry colleagues. The fair offers a wide range of plant materials and products for the shop or retail chain.

Garden trends for 2018, that were previously presented on, were interpreted in the fair's inspiring displays, seminars and restaurant menus.

This year we focused in particular on the future challenges and opportunities of florists and flower shops in the form of inspiring settings, live podcasts and panel discussions with the florist industry's leading actors.

A new segment featuring garden furniture, grills and outdoor lighting was also making its debut this year. This product segment targets both the property management industry and the garden chains.

For the first time we presented "Future Stories", that concerns how to spread your message with the help of VR technology, 3D-printing and influencers in social media. 

Welcome back to Elmia Garden on 26-27 September 2018!