Download logo and banners

Here you can download Elmia Solar´s logo and banners to share and invite your customers to the fair. Use the material on your website, in your mailfoot and on social media.

Download the material and use to get the best possible result reaching out to customers and target audiences before the fair. Use the material on our website, social media, newsletters and other channels that you use for marketing. 



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ElmiaSolarBlueLogo_1920x359_png.pngpng, 1920x359

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Banner with company name and stand number

When youa are logged in to My pages you can create a banner with your company name and stand.

Social media

Use your social channels to tell everyone that you are at Elmia Solar. Here you can download images in different formats for your different channels.

Remember to tag your social post with #elmiasolar



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Download here

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