Leading Edge Wastewater Treatment

Tisdag 27 september kl 10.00-12.30

Föreningen VattenMBRs are too expensive. MABR, what is that? Anaerobic COD reduction in the mainstream, it is and will be just a dream? Why nitrify urine, and how easy is it? Is nitrous oxide something to laugh at? Föreningen Vatten (i.e. Swedish Association for Water) invites European experts regarding these subjects, to tell us about their experiences and current research. Swedish wastewater treatment experts are invited to comment and ask questions to the different talks. Come and listen, which of the techniques discussed will conquer the market for municipal wastewater treatment first?

Target group                                                                  

The seminar is for all people in the business that are interested in new technologies that have great potential for improving today's wastewater treatment. Experiences of full-scale applictions are in focus.

Responsible for the seminar
David Gustavsson, Sweden Water Research


- Can membrane bioreactors become conventional wastewater treatment?
Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda, Prof. University of Girona/Catalan Institute of Water Research (ICRA)

- Anaerobic COD treatment in the mainstream in cold climates - is it possible?
My Carlsson, Veolia Water Technologies

- Finally - the MABRs are on the market, but what is it?
Dr Eoin Syron, OxyMem

- When is it produced, why is it produced and how to prevent nitrous oxide emissions? Main findings from a large nitrous oxide project in Denmark
Prof. Barth Smets, Technical University of Denmark

- Nutrification of urine - why and is it complicated?
Dr Kai Udert, EAWAG, Switzerland