RS Components

DYMO XTL 500 54mm PC-Connected Touch Screen Industrial Label Maker

RS Components transforms labelling with new and advanced DYMO® XTL™ labellers

RS is the leading EMEA launch partner for the XTL 300 and XTL 500 labellers, which feature an intuitive home screen that simplifies launching the apps and also provides a convenient print-preview mode. Pre-loaded templates ensure correct formatting and accelerate label creation, and a keypad and navigation buttons below the screen help the user enter text quickly and accurately. The new labellers also support industry-standard barcodes and QR codes.

The XTL 300 and XTL 500 are ideal for general labelling, asset tracking and facilities management, as well as when installing electrical or datacom equipment like terminal blocks, contact breakers, distribution panels, patch panels or cabling. Enhanced speed and ease of use enable installers to label diligently without compromising productivity and help maximise long-term equipment maintainability and safety.