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NANOALLOY® technology – Toray’s new strong and rigid polyamide alloy

NANOALLOY® technology – Toray’s innovative technology that enables high performance and functionality in polymers
Do you know how to ensure maximum safety on automotive parts? What would be the best way to get parts that resist to strong impact?

A new polyamide alloy has been developed to meet the safety needs of the automotive market. This new material is one of the most advanced alloy based on NANOALLOY® technology . By providing an outstanding impact absorption, this new polyamide alloy offers the strength and rigidity of plastics while modifying the shape of the material to make it highly resistant when receiving high-speed and strong shock. This new polyamide alloy is perfectly suitable to a wide range of applications such as Automotive, Sports & Leisure, Building & Construction , Electronic…

NANOALLOY® technology is an innovative microstructure control technology developed by Toray that can bring about dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to existing materials by minutely dispersing multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale. NANOALLOY® is a coined word that combines the word nano, which is a prefix representing one in a billion, with the word alloy, which refers to mixture of metallic elements. NANOALLOY® technology is a special technology that combines multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale (one billionth of a meter) to make the alloy. The technology enables high performance and functionality in polymers which could not be achieved in conventional alloys of micron order (one millionth of a meter), and is a revolutionary technology whose basic patent, core process patents and utility patents are owned by Toray.

This is a unique technology which now Toray can offer through its distributionpartner IMCD Plastics Nordic.