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Finnish Kareline® natural fibre composites

Finnish Kareline® natural fibre composites combine the best properties of natural fibres and plastics.
Kareline® material is an eco-friendly option for injection moulded products. The wood fibres give the end product its unique natural feel and look; and reinforces plastic by adding mechanical strength.

At present Kareline® composite granulates are available based on PP, ABS, PS, POM and biodegradable PLA matrix. Depending on the end product and the desired properties, the material can be customized to ensure the best performance.

Kareline® materials are suitable for dishware, cutlery, handles, toys, indoor and outdoor furniture, automotive and telecom industries, to mention a few. The composites can be injection moulded in most thermoplastic injection moulding machines and moulds; even hot nozzle systems can be used. Cycle time in moulding is typically 10-50 % shorter than that of comparable conventional plastics. The products made from Kareline® materials are fully recyclable.

The manufacturer of Kareline® materials is Plasthill Oy (Ltd). The company specializes in injection moulding technology and offers full service from start to finish – including designing, test production and even the manufacturing of the end products. The family-owned company was established in 1996 and has used green electricity in all its production since 1998.

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