Elmia Wood Innovation Award

The Elmia Wood Innovation Award is an award that highlights new and innovative technology in forestry. The products that receive the award are considered so interesting that they contribute to the development of forestry.

If you are interested in the opportunity to nominate your innovations to the competition, please let us know.

The jury consists of industry experts who, in an initial assessment, examine the news value. All complete submissions submitted are judged by the jury on the basis of how fundamentally new and innovative the technology is. The jury makes a comparative assessment of all nominated products based on the criteria of news value, environmental impact, work environment, end product quality and economy / productivity.

The denominations Gold and Silver 

For the jury to award a product Elmia Wood Innovation Award Gold requires that it is both new in the market and that the technology is in principle new. It should be an innovation that contributes to the development of Swedish forestry, a product worth keeping an eye on.

For a product that has been awarded the Elmia Wood Innovation Award Silver the jury considered it interesting and also a novelty. Obtaining silver means that the product stands out among the nominated contributions and has placed among the best when the different criteria are weighed together.