Focus areas


The theme for Elmia Wood 2022 is "The value of the forest in the innovative and sustainable forestry of the future". - A lively debated topic in recent years. Elmia Wood will be an important meeting place for the forest's stakeholders to meet and take the debate further. In that perspective, the fair is more important than ever, says Andreas Roman, fair manager, Elmia Wood. The value of the forest does not only affect forest owners and forest companies. The balance of being able to produce the right raw materials, create a valuable living environment for animal and plant life, and be an active part of climate change are major topics that all fit into the increased value of the forest. During the new program item at the fair Wood let´s talk, party leaders, ministers and experts will participate in discussions and panel debates on stage. Topics include EU taxonomy, climate, biodiversity and fossil-free forestry. - Elmia Wood wants to draw attention to some of today's problems and discuss its solutions, but also show how fantastic our nature is and what forestry can do for people and the environment. Forestry is an important piece of the puzzle in climate change. We want Elmia Wood to convey that, says Andreas Roman.