News from our exhibitors

The Swedish forest community and site has always attracted a significant number of members and visitors from Norway, western Finland and Denmark. Today, more and more international visitors also find’s their way to this, in depth forest technology source of inspiration.

Katam Technologies

Digitalization of the forest is on its way which brings demand for tools and solutions to support this transformation. At the Elmia Wood fair area, Katam is for the first time demonstrating its coming service for forest inventory.

PALAX - Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy
The previous year was busy at the Palax factory. The challenging times have affected many companies regardless of their field of business. Nevertheless, Palax has had faith in its performance and strong development; we want to continue to lead the way.
MenSe Oy
Cost savings are achieved when pre-clearing and harvesting of the forest can be done simultaneously. Forest owners in particular will benefit from this new method, according to a survey carried out by the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metsäteho. (Metsäteho result slide series 12/2016.)
MenSe Oy
The impact of feed rollers on the productivity of harvesting work and the quality of the end product should not be underestimated. The ingenious, uncompromising design and low price of the V-Tec give forest machine contractors the opportunity to improve the productivity of the harvester.
Malwa Forest AB
Malwa Forest - Europe's leading manufacturer of compact forestry machines - will show its next generation harvester, the Malwa 560H, on Elmia Wood 2017
Hiab AB
Hiab, part of Cargotec, will present its wide variety of LOGLIFT/JONSERED forestry cranes and services at the Elmia Wood Exhibition, which takes place from 7-10 June in Jönköping, Sweden.
Husqvarna - one of the world's leading producers of forest. park and garden products - launches a new fuel made with forestry experts and green space professionals in mind for improved performance. long term durability, and efficient combustion.
The Volvo brand is particularly popular in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. A request for a chipper on a Volvo chassis is therefore not really a surprise. JENZ now followed this customer request and delivered the first chipper truck HEM 583 R to Estonia.
For many years, JENZ HGV mobile chippers have been successfully proving themselves in practice. At this year's Elmia Wood, the German manufacturer will be presenting the wide diversity of its product range. The focus will especially be on the different chassis variations and the subject of woodchipping quality.
A serious fire in the administration building on 19th December had an influence on JENZ GmbH's first quarter. The fire was caused by roofing work during construction of the reception hall. The affected administration building has now been demolished and the new construction, which was almost complete, had to be renovated at high cost.
Today, X-CUT, the first Husqvarna-manufactured saw chain was unveiled at the Huskvarna factory in Sweden. The optimized micro-structured steel and chrome composition of the pre-stretched chain offers extended sharpness and high durability to optimize the performance of Husqvarna chainsaws.
Husqvarna Fleet Services is a cloud-based service that connects an operator's machine fleet to their forestry teams. Husqvarna Fleet Services is a solution that collects data to help increase productivity and operator well-being by replacing 'guestimates· with indisputable facts.
Indexator Rotator Systems AB
Indexator will preview its next generation harvest rotator at the world’s largest forestry fair, Elmia Wood 2017.
Husqvarna - one of the world's leading producers of forest, park and garden products - makes updates to its entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for professionals and demanding users. allowing them improved protection and comfort. Out of the range, Technical Extreme receives a major update that improves protection without sacrificing mobility.
Husqvarna - one of the world's leading producers of forest. park and garden products - launches a new fuel specially formulated for green space professionals who have environmental demands. With efficient combustion and low levels of harmful substances, users get more machine performance and higher work efficiency.
Husqvarna - one of the world's leading producers of forest. park and garden products - launches two oils for Husqvarna 2-stroke machines. These 2-stroke oils have been formulated with outstanding lubrication and detergency, so engines get optimum power output and a longer lifetime.
Husqvarna - one of the world's leading producers of forest. park and garden products - introduces two pro-laminated bars, developed specially for forestry experts and users with demanding needs, giving users increased productivity as well as improved durability.
Kesla Oyj
Kesla and Lantmännen started a cooperation concerning KESLA tractor forest equipment in 2016. The Elmia Wood exhibition is the first big appearance together on the Swedish markets for these two players. The expectation for the future are high.
A serious fire in the administration building on 19th December had an influence on JENZ GmbH's first quarter. The fire was caused by roofing work during construction of the reception hall. The affected administration building has now been demolished and the new construction, which was almost complete, had to be renovated at high cost.
Tommen Gram Folie AS
This is a firewood bag for Euro pallets which has an increased UV additive. The bag is therefore far more better protected against sunshine. This bag is very well suitable for Southern Europe.
Kesla Oyj
KESLA chippers are in full action on the Elmia Wood exhibition in Sweden in June on the stand 303. The both chippers, tractor powered KESLA C645S-II and truck powered KESLA C860, will be chipping several times a day, starting 10 am. The both chippers represent several innovations that Kesla has introduced into its chippers, such as proCHIPPER control system and as the most important, a new type of rotor named KESLA logCUT. The new rotor improves the chip quality and even productivity.
Bracke Forest AB
The Bracke P11 planter has been in production since the early 1990s. The basic principle - to elevate and plant on inverted humus - has been the same all the time. However, the new Bracke P12 is designed for planting in dry, warm conditions where one may need to think a little differently.
Kesla Oyj
The Finnish company Kesla introduces a new 17 tonnemetre straight boom crane. The KESLA 2117 crane is part of the crane series 21, the first models of which were introduced a few years back. The new crane is especially suitable for timber loading in terminals, for industrial applications and for chipper or crusher feeding.
Kesla Oyj
Kesla is the Finnish multitalent in forest technology, known as the globally #1 independent manufacturer of harvester heads. The extensive KESLA range covers both roller and stroke harvester heads for professionals, from small thinning heads up to heavy-duty heads for clear cuttings and processing at landings. Kesla launches in Elmia Wood 2017 the totally new series of large heads, replacing the existing KESLA 28RH and 30RH models.
Kesla Oyj
Kesla is a Finnish company know for its’ forestry machines such as cranes, tractor forest equipment, harvester heads and chippers. The company has now enwidened the use of its’ strongest cranes to recycling duties. The first crane that is fully equipped for recycling duties is ZT17. The crane is for display on the Elmia Wood exhibition in Sweden 7.-10.6.2017.
At Elmia Wood, Kajaktiv will be demonstrating how the SPOT Gen3 keeps lone workers safe
Vepak AS
Scandinavian company VEPAK bring the firewood industry into the 21st century with a machine that fill firewood logs into bags at an industrial output rate.
With the M-Series of NEXT EPSOULTION model range, PALFINGER EPSILON heralded a new era in the field of timber loader cranes.
Nevertheless, PALFINGER EPSILON can only be content with past innovations for a short time and therefore we are delighted to be able to present further sensational improvements at this year's ELMIA Wood meeting.

Based on the strengths of the NEXT EPSOLUTION M-Series, PALFINGER EPSILON exclusively presents the prototypes of the new Q-Series (Onroad) and the new S-Series Forwarder crane for Offroad applications, on ELMIA Wood 2017 .
As fire authorities strive to improve operational efficiency, and to better safeguard crew, they are increasingly turning to state-of-the-art SPOT Gen3.
Kajaktiv representing Globalstar.
In February 2016, Globalstar announced that the Forestry Commission in England and Scotland deployed SPOT Gen3 messengers in order to improve the safety of its staff when working in areas with unreliable mobile phone and radio communications.
Iggesund Forest
It’s no wonder we want to show off our Blue Line series! It’s our strongest ever harvester bar with a unique metal alloy, that in combination with an improved tempering technique makes them stronger, more robust and more rigid so they are able to withstand all kinds of conditions.
Skogsmateriel Nordforest AB, Skogma
Our mycelium is the very definition of an old faithful servant when it comes to our environment – our nature. You can’t see them, they work deep under ground in the soil – helping vascular plants to live and survive.
Walki has developed a new biomass cover with an extended width of six metres. The new, wider cover increases the amount of energy that can be derived from logging residues through significantly improved dry matter content.
Elmia Wood fair is approaching and this time with a new visitor from Romania. IRUM will be exhibiting Elmia Wood for the first time.
Herder BV
We are excited to present to you our range of stump cutters at Elmia Wood 2017.
You can find us at stand 179. We will also be demonstrating our machines at stand 179.1.
Haglöf Sweden AB
Haglöf Sweden presents an instrument that will make it easier to find borders in the forest while working with your standard compass.
Danfoss AB
Danfoss launches a new safety pressure sensor, DST P92S, approved for use in SIL 2 and PL d applications. The new sensor is designed to enhance safety, improve performance and reduce maintenance costs in material handling, construction, agriculture and forestry. DST P92S is TÜV approved as well as compliant with EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508.
Vermeer displays the trommel screen TR620 that features an innovative design allowing for an optional third product conveyor for optimal productivity at Elmia Wood. The TR620 is able to handle the majority of screening needs for compost, mulch, aggregate and topsoil producers, but in a compact design for sites with limited space.
Vermeer has extended its whole tree chipper product line with the introduction of the WC2500TX tracked whole tree chipper. The European launch of the new whole tree chipper will take place at Elmia Wood 2017. The WC2500TX offers the same performance and compact design as the recently released WC2500XL whole tree chipper by Vermeer, but is equipped with a tracked undercarriage to aid in maneuverability in the woods and on tough land-clearing sites.
Vermeer is excited to present a wide range of products at the world-leading forestry show Elmia Wood 2017. In fact the show is the European premiere for the new addition to our forestry lineup, the WC2500TX.
Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S
Fransgård is one of the largest producers of Tractor Mounted Graders in the World.
The new series of Trailer Graders, is made for heavy use to Constructors around the World.
It’s the first time that AMR decided to be an exhibitor on one of the most important exhibitions in Europe. We are happy to present our bestsellers to customers on ELMIA WOOD 2017.
Universe Group UAB
Universe Group Ltd., manufacturer of tractor trailers MUSTANG, presents its latest edition of lowbed trailer for forestry machinery transportation – MUSTANG ML-300F. Wide range of lowbed trailers (various models with payloads from 7 to 50 tone and platform length from 4 meters to 12.5) was updated by specially redesigned previous model, which now has lower flour (540 mm from the ground), longer flour length (10 000 mm), extendable to sides flour brackets for extra wide load (up to 3 meter wide), low entrance angle, big payload (30 000kg at 40km/h), heavy duty, trailer with high standard specification - model MUSTANG ML-300F.
Intermercato AB
Intermercato presents a completely new, ultra compact crane scale at Elmia Wood. The unique design combined with the well known Intelweigh algoritm for automatic weighing with motion control is a true revolution in weighing of hanging load!
The biggest forestry tiller and stone crusher in the world? By SEPPI M.!
MIDISOIL dt - new forestry mulching and tilling machine for medium-sized tractors
new with an optimal 2SPEED™ transmission.
HYPRO is growing stronger in the international arena as a leading manufacturer of fully-hydraulic felling grapples. These can be mounted on basically any crane with a rotator, for example on trucks, forest trailers or forwarders, for felling and cutting of trees and bushes alongside roads, conduits, in parks and urban environments, but also in combination with HYPRO's well-known tractor processors directly in the woods.
Fransgård Maskinfabrik A/S
Fransgårds new Chain Mulcher offers many unique features and details that give a high flexibility, which allows to work hard in many different environments.
Try our innovative and award winning FOVEA apps right at our booth! Photo-optical woodpile measurement, GIS and an ERP system are waiting for you. With our apps and the FOVEA Forest Management System you always rely on the latest state-of-the-art technology.
Dasa Control Systems AB
Dasa Control Systems AB specializes in intelligent systems for machine and attachment control, information management and communication. At Elmia Wood 2017 Dasa will showcase its industry leading range of products and solutions for the Forestry industry. The Forestry solutions from Dasa are grouped under the family name Forester and have sustainable forest management and optimum yield for forestry stakeholders as its core focus.
Vepak AS
Norwegian based company "Vepak AS" have developed a highly efficient machinery for production of firewood in bags and nets. "We look forward to see new international partners and clients during the days of the exhibition" says Ole Holtet - CEO of Vepak
Usewood Forest Tec Oy
Small forest machines for harvesting and forwarding
Kronos Wikar ab
The new Kronos Gripto 1010 10-ton meter crane.
Swedish high-performance steel of type SSAB Strenx-700.
This year Komptech is celebrating its 25th anniversary. "There is no antidote to constant innovation” as Komptech founder Josef Heissenberger said, and this leitmotiv continues to guide the company’s development.
As demand for high-quality products rises, screening is gaining in importance. But “all screening is not alike” and Komptech is proving it in 2017 with its extensive range of sophisticated screening machines, including the new Multistar One.