CBI demonstrates both grinding and chipping

Whether it’s better to grind or to chip is the question asked by many contractors who produce wood fuel. The American machinery manufacturer CBI says the trend is towards grinding but is demonstrating both alternatives at Elmia Wood.

Den nya självgående krossen CBI 6400 kommer direkt från fabrik i USA till Elmia Wood.

Each technique has its own advantages but the market is moving towards using more grinders for several reasons.

“A grinder copes better with stones, sand and other foreign materials. It can also be used to do other tasks,” explains Ulf Österroos, sales manager for CBI in Scandinavia.

Foreign materials are a problem when the wood source being processed is harvesting residue (slash). If the landing site was not pre-cleared there is a risk that young trees and bushes with roots and soil also end up in the machine, possibly causing a stoppage. Grinders are also more versatile and lengthen the working season for the contractor, who can then also grind other things like recycled wood and household waste.

New model straight from the factory

CBI entered the European market 20 years ago and did so at Elmia Wood. At that time the huge American machines were a sensation. Now the market has caught up in terms of machine size and CBI is a well-established supplier in the Nordic region. As demand grows for biomass, the capacity requirements are also increasing.

CBI is demonstrating two machines at Elmia Wood. The first is a chipper, the ChipMax 484 VR, mounted on a truck, a Volvo FMX 8 x 4. The second is the CBI 6400 grinder, a new model that is coming directly to Elmia Wood from the factory in the USA.

“It weighs 40 tonnes, is self-propelled on tracks and is operated by remote control,” Österroos says.

Anyone trying to decide between chipping and grinding can watch both options in action at Elmia Wood from 7 to 10 June 2017.

The new self-propelled CBI 6400 grinder is coming to Elmia Wood straight from the factory in the USA.
The new self-propelled CBI 6400 grinder is coming to Elmia Wood straight from the factory in the USA.