News from Elmia Wood

At this year’s Elmia Wood on 7 to 10 June the unmanned aerial vehicles will have their own separate section called the Drone Zone. The fair is collaborating with UAS Forum Sweden, which arranges Sweden’s leading conference in the field, and which is assembling experts and suppliers for the fair.

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Four months before Elmia Wood opens, the organisers confirm it will be the world’s biggest forestry fair ever.
“By January we’d already sold more stand space than at the previous Elmia Wood in 2013,” says Exhibition Manager Jakob Hirsmark.

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Sweden and the Nordic region are global leaders in forestry technology but North America is the place that fells the most trees. Yet Elmia Wood 2017 is the year’s biggest forestry event.
“It’s at Elmia that you see the trends and where they’re heading,” explains Rob Stanhope, editor of the Canadian forestry magazine Logging & Sawmilling Journal.

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The German truck manufacturer MAN sees Europe’s forestry sector as an increasingly important market. That’s why the company is exhibiting at the world-leading forestry fair Elmia Wood 2017 in the new Load & Transport area, which brings together everything to do with logistics en route from the forest to the industrial consumers.

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Advance tickets

You can now buy tickets for Elmia Wood. It’s the perfect Christmas present for all the forestry fans among your family, relatives and friends. Or why not for yourself?

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Jimmi Svensson has scanned in additional interesting documentation about older forestry machines for the Elmia Classics e-museum. He is holding a Russian brochure about a machine built on a tank chassis.

Elmia Classics, the e-museum for old forestry machines and associated products, has been updated with new machines. The museum has now gained both older and newer machines made in both the Nordic region and further afield.

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Hypro’s owner Tommy Karlsson, shown here with his son Linus Bergman.

After an accident in the forest, Tommy Karlsson had the time to create something that would reduce the risk of future accidents: a hydraulic processor for tractors. Now known as Hypro, the product is available in 32 countries.

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The Swedish market for forest machines is shrinking. That’s the conclusion of a review of the past six years’ registrations of forwarders. The average reduction is 16 percent.

Lars Lameksson introduced hydraulic pendulum arms, which made automatic levelling possible in harvesters. Hear the innovator himself describe the development and this invention, which saw the light of day in 1986.  

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Ingmar Sandahl presented the single-grip harvester head at Elmia Wodd in the 80-ties. A technology with great impact on today's harvesting. Still, he has many ideas about how to improve the technology. Watch the film to hear his story! 

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Over the years many innovations have seen their first light of day at Elmia Wood. Contractors and forest owners are creative problem solvers. Many succeed with their developments and improvements and then the new products often have world premier at Elmia Wood.

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