For Elmia Wood 2021 we are making the site very easily accessiblewith shorter and denser trails. It will be a new design on entrance and new trail that gives direct access to Forestry Machines. 

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Elmia’s forestry fairs are very important to the development of new forestry technology and methods, according to Per Frankelius, a researcher in innovations at Linköping University. “At trade fairs, inventions become innovations,” he says.

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Private forest ownership is becoming more and more important to the Swedish forest industry and the trade balance. The reason is that the big forest companies and state-owned Sveaskog have felled a lot of older forest on their own lands in recent years. The situation is different for private forest owners, who have timber to supply. This year’s SkogsElmia proves that Elmia is providing the meeting place for a dialogue.

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Nordic forestry technology has been developed to a considerable extent by small companies, which then rapidly entered a global market.

“Elmia’s forestry fairs were and are the international display window,” says Hans-Åke Elofson, who during his pioneer years worked in key positions with influential machinery manufacturers.

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During SkogsElmia, Elmia Wood and Magazine Dagens Industri arranged an exclusive seminar on the topic bioenergy. It was filmed and is now available on Elmia Wood's YouTube channel.

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Drone Zone

The world’s largest forestry fair was bigger than ever this year both in terms of area and number of exhibitors. Many visitors were drawn to Elmia Wood to see new forestry products and services and to learn about new high-tech solutions and expertise in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden.

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Haglöf Sweden develops and manufactures professional measuring systems for field use. In good time for Elmia Wood the company is now presenting its latest new product, the VL5 Vertex Laser: a complete field measuring device that combines measuring with ultrasound and laser.

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Customers who ordered the new Rottne H8D unseen were positively surprised when they got to see it up close at Elmia Wood.

Rottne had sold some ten harvesters of the new model H8D without anyone being allowed to see it. Everyone had to wait for the world premiere at Elmia Wood. The reaction? Even better than expected!

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For the first time Alstor’s small, nimble forwarder comes equipped with hydrostatic transmission and lockable differentials front and back. This engine upgrade should produce a smooth and powerful drive even at low revs. The model is the 840 Pro and it made its debut at Elmia Wood.


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Cranes from the Austrian company Palfinger Epsilon are a common sight on logging trucks. But at Elmia Wood the company extended its reach into the forest in the form of a prototype specially developed for forwarders. 

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When the final of the Forwarder World Cup was decided at Elmia Wood on Friday, the battle was between Daniel Bergmann of Germany and Poland’s Kamil Kaczynski. A faultless final race enabled Bergmann to bring home the gold before an enthusiastic group of supporters.


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Champs of Logging’s competitions and shows have become something of a tradition at Elmia Wood. The competition stages are designed to inspire the audience to use chainsaws safely.


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Hultdins served up a world first at Elmia Wood whose value was at first recognised by only a select group of people. It is a newly developed saw unit for harvesting heads.

“Easier care and maintenance, more reliable operation and the ability to use two types of chain,” sums up the head of its design team, Stefan Bergqvist.

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Now that the eight-wheeled Ecolog 688E harvester has made its world debut at Elmia Wood the E series is complete.

At Elmia Wood Ecolog presented the new harvester that completes the new E series. It is the eight-wheel drive Ecolog 688E. The machine weighs 23 tonnes and is slightly smaller than the company’s biggest harvester, the 590.

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Enda Keane, CEO of Treemetrics, shows the electronic device that will build an internet of trees.

An internet designed for trees has been presented to the world at Elmia Wood. The multifaceted development project is led by the Irish company Treemetrics in collaboration with the European Space Agency, IBM and others.

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Terri’s first wheeled forwarder made its debut at Elmia Wood.

Since Terri launched its first tracked tractor unit in 1972, tracks have been a defining hallmark of the company’s machines. At Elmia Wood the Terri 34c with wheels made its debut.

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A totally new chassis for excavators, developed by Nisula. The track frame tilts so it can climb over obstacles and make its way into the forest.

The biggest improvement to excavator chassis in many years.

Kalle Mattsson, sales manager and co-owner of the Finnish machinery manufacturer Nisula doesn’t hesitate in his presentation of the company’s world first at Elmia Wood. The chassis is mounted on an excavator from Volvo and turns it into an all-terrain vehicle.

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The anniversary special edition of the Tatra Phoenix Präsident, made in 120 units to celebrate Tatra’s 120 years as a vehicle manufacturer, on display at Elmia Wood.

The Czech truck manufacturer Tatra came to Elmia Wood with a logging truck in a special anniversary edition.

“Tatra produced its first vehicle 120 years ago,” explains the Swedish general agent Svante Cordestam.


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Ponsse came to Elmia Wood with its entire range of forest machines, several world firsts plus customers from around the world.

“Two of three visitors to our stand come from countries other than Sweden,” says Urban Folkesson, After Sales Manager at Ponsse.

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Thomas Lindh believes the Yamaha Viking ROV will soon be a common sight on forest properties.

When the ATV or quad bike made its big debut at trade fairs about 10 years ago, many people sniffed and called it a toy. Today it is a self-evident work tool on a forest property. With experience from Europe and North America, Yamaha Sweden believes the next work tool is now making its entrance – the ROV or Recreational Off-road Vehicle.

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Gremo has taken 2 tonnes away from its new forwarder, the 750 F. It weighs 10.5 tonnes and loads 8.5.

Many older forest owners and contractors remember with regret a time when forwarders loaded their own weight. Gremo has almost reinvented that class of machine. At Elmia Wood the company presented a concept for a forwarder that weighs 10.5 tonnes and loads 8.5.

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On Thursday chainsaw masters Wayne Leblanc and Rolf Johansson extended their record of visiting every Elmia Wood since the 1980s.

Today two highly experienced Elmia Wood visitors walked through the entrance gates. Rolf Johansson of Hedemora, Sweden and Wayne Leblanc of British Columbia, Canada not only hold various masters titles from chainsaw competitions around the world, they have also visited every Elmia Wood since the 1980s.

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Anton Holmström demonstrates the drone used by the Swedish Forest Agency in its inspection work.

Drones have been attracting more and more attention at Elmia’s recent forestry fairs. Until now they’ve belonged to the future but at Elmia Wood 2017 they’ve moved from vision to being a useful tool for the forest industry.

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John Deere’s new crane-tip control for harvesters, seen from the inside. The operator uses a joystick to manoeuvre the crane faster and more precisely.

Operating a harvester crane can require handling two or even three controls. At Elmia Wood John Deere had its world premiere for crane-tip control using only one joystick. The result is greater precision and less strain for the operator.

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Niklas Sarius demonstrates how the filing template for the Husqvarna X-Cut works.

At Elmia Wood Husqvarna is presenting its new chainsaw chain, the X-Cut, developed and manufactured just a few dozen kilometres from the fairgrounds. The company is also offering many new clothing options, ranging from newly developed knees to a special collection for women.

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The world’s biggest harvester on eight wheels made its world debut at Elmia Wood. The Tigercat 1185 was created to compete with the whole stem method in markets with large-diameter stems and challenging conditions.

The world premieres are coming thick and fast at this year’s Elmia Wood. And more than one world record is being broken. Two days before the fair Tigercat unloaded the world’s biggest wheeled harvester at the Port of Gothenburg.

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On the first day of Elmia Wood Volvo Penta presented its version of tomorrow’s engines in the forestry sector.

In 2019 the European Union’s Stage V emission standards for diesel engines in forest machines will come into force. On the first day of Elmia Wood Volvo Penta presented its version of tomorrow’s engines in the forestry sector. As well as having lower emissions levels they also feature simplicity of maintenance, use and installation.

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Tobias Ettemo of Komatsu shows one of the swing arms, which combined with a bogie and eight wheels makes the new Komatsu 901XC more stable and versatile.

Forest machines are now also doing felling work in steep terrain that was previously done manually. That’s one of the reasons why Komatsu developed its new 901XC harvester, which had its world premiere at Elmia Wood.

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A new disc trencher attachment from Bracke Forest whose trencher discs can be operated in both directions.

At first glance, major innovations can sometimes appear small.

That is the case with the new disc trencher attachment from Bracke Forest, which had its world premiere at Elmia Wood.

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Inventor Mats Balte (at left) presents the boundary-detecting instrument to Albert Johansson of Sydved.

Few things can make neighbours so hostile to each other as property boundaries.

The solution was presented at Elmia Wood: a laser instrument that enables neighbours to jointly find their correct boundary.

“I’ve helped people who haven’t talked to each other for twenty years and who shook hands afterwards,” says the inventor, Mats Balte.

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The world’s first hybrid-mode harvester had its world premiere at Elmia Wood. The Logset 12H GTE uses technology from super sports cars.

Logset presented the world’s first series-manufactured hybrid harvester at Elmia Wood. For short periods the engine package can deliver 510 horsepower.

“It gives more power in the forest and also reduces fuel consumption,” says Pascal Rety of Logset.


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Carina Keskitalo, professor at Umeå universitet spoke together with Dr Mariella Marzano at Forest Research and professor Jan Stenlid at SLU about invasive species

Day one of Elmia Wood featured a seminar about invasive species and how they are affecting the forest environment. The speakers stressed how important it is that the general public becomes aware of how to help reduce the damage occurring in our forests. Ordinary individuals are having a great impact on the health of the forests.

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Isabelle Bergkvist and Gustav Friberg of Skogforsk want encourage trackless logging.

On a simulator at the stand of Sweden’s forestry research institute Skogforsk, a test operator is carefully navigating a harvester across a log bridge built to protect a stream at a logging site. The aim is to inspire visitors to Elmia Wood to think about how to plan their logging operations to best protect watercourses in a forest environment and minimise the risk of ruts and other ground damage.

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Eleonora Campana together with her colleagues Giuliano Graiff (left) and Fabrizio Proni (right) in front of the new PT-300.

The FAE Group has been in the Swedish market for 15 years but this is the first time the Italian company has had its own stand at Elmia Wood. Its big new product is the PT-300 tracked carrier.


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Now the fair has opened and visitors from around the world are flocking to Elmia Wood with happy faces despite the rain.

Today is the opening day of the world’s largest forestry fair, Elmia Wood, in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden. This year the fair is bigger and more comprehensive than ever, with more than 550 exhibitors from five continents. Almost 200 of them are exhibiting here for the first time.

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Rottne is having its world premiere at Elmia Wood for a totally new harvester – one so much in demand that it already has several orders before it’s even been unveiled. Called the H8D, the harvester has an innovative and newly developed powertrain. The result is lower fuel consumption and considerably less ground damage.

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Focus: MORE innovations

Lars Lameksson introduced hydraulic pendulum arms, which made automatic levelling possible in harvesters. Hear the innovator himself describe the development and this invention, which saw the light of day in 1986.  

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Focus: Innovations

Ingmar Sandahl presented the single-grip harvester head at Elmia Wodd in the 80-ties. A technology with great impact on today's harvesting. Still, he has many ideas about how to improve the technology. Watch the film to hear his story! 

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Watch the film

Over the years many innovations have seen their first light of day at Elmia Wood. Contractors and forest owners are creative problem solvers. Many succeed with their developments and improvements and then the new products often have world premier at Elmia Wood.

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