Innovations for tomorrow’s forestry

Over the years many innovations have seen their first light of day at Elmia Wood. In front of the last fair we highlighted all the innovators who bring with them their own concepts, ideas and solutions.

Lean Wood Supply System

Over a billion euro can be saved in the Swedish forest industry every year if the transport of felled timber from the forest to the final customer is made more efficient. Inventors Lennart Olving and Maria Drott have developed a revolutionary patented total concept that will be presented at Elmia Wood.


Innovator Lars Lameksson talks about pendulum arms

Lars Lameksson introduced hydraulic pendulum arms, which made automatic levelling possible in harvesters. Hear the innovator himself describe the development and this invention, which saw the light of day in 1986.  


Ingmar Sandahl about the single grip harvester head

Ingmar Sandahl presented the single-grip harvester head at Elmia Wodd in the 80-ties. A technology with great impact on today's harvesting. Still, he has many ideas about how to improve the technology.


Inventor Torbjörn Ericsson about T-bear

Torbjörn Ericsson is an inventor in the forestry business. He has a binder full of ideas. Ericsson is the innovator behind T-bear, a harvester for both final felling and thinning. Hear his story!


About Elmia Wood More Innovations

On this web page we’ll be posting both historical retrospectives and news about innovative concepts and solutions. Some of them will be presented for the first time at Elmia Wood in June. So whether you’re a developer yourself or just interested in new products and systems, revisit this web page regularly to check for exciting updates.