Load & Transport

Load & Transport

For Elmia Wood 2017 we are bringing together everything to do with the logistics of the journey from the forest to industry in a clearer way. We have created a new section of the fair called Load & Transport, which focuses on:

  • Construction and maintenance of forest roads
  • Transport of wood raw materials
  • Handling of wood raw materials at woodyards and terminals


A large market

Load & Transport

Each year some 3.5 billion cubic metres of forest are felled around the world. About half of this amount is industrial timber, which is transported for many kilometres through varying terrain to finishing industries. If each load is the equivalent of 60 cubic metres of timber, this means 29 million lorry loads.

Once at the industrial site or terminal, the timber must be received, measured/weighed, unloaded and handled. This logistical chain from forestry to industry requires good machinery and equipment. At Elmia Wood you will access a target group that handles very large volumes of forest raw materials. Here you can meet professionals from throughout the forestry chain. Seize the opportunity to meet prospective customers from around the world. Book your stand today!

For whom?
The Load & Transport section is located in a field area near the main entrance to Elmia Wood where it is easily accessible to visitors. In addition to the perfect location, there are also good opportunities to demonstrate your products in operation. Products and services suitable for this section include:

  • Contracting machinery, materials, equipment and service for the construction and maintenance of forestry road networks.
  • Trucks, trailers and equipment for transporting wood raw materials such as timber, wood chips and slash.
  • Machinery, equipment and services for the loading, unloading, handling and feeding of wood raw materials at terminals and woodyards.

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