19 - 22 May 2026
For Exhibitors

Welding and grinding at Elmia


Exhibitors at Elmia Welding & Joining Technology may order free canister gases for the fair through our official gas supplier, Linde.

Place your order with Siv Karlsson by 30 April 2024, stating the product number and name of the gas according to Linde’s list. 

List of industrial and welding gases (in swedish).

Welding at stands

Welding at stands is permitted under special conditions, as outlined below.

- Applications must be made using the correct form for storing gas cylinders at the stand. Fill in the Application for hot work and mail it to anton.eklund@elmia.se.

- Extraction, mobile or stationary, must be used. Mobile extractors may be hired from Elmia. Contact Siv Karlsson, tel. +46 36 15 22 06imageiy9xm.png, for further information.

- A fire extinguisher and fire blanket must be located in the immediate vicinity of the welding site.

- The flooring must be fireproof or covered with fire blankets, metal sheet or similar in the risk zone for welding sparks.

- The work station must be clean and free of other flammable material.

- Gas cylinders and tubes must be stored overnight in a location designated by Elmia for safety reasons.

Grinding at stands

Grinding at stands is permitted under special conditions, as outlined below.

- The exhibitor is solely responsible for ensuring that no grinding dust or other residue has an adverse effect on the premises or other stands.

- The exhibitor is also responsible for dealing with any grinding waste at his own stand. Follow Elmia’s instructions on separating waste for disposal.

- When grinding, the ‘spark area’ must be clean and tidy and no combustible materials may be exposed to the shower of sparks. Visitors must not be exposed to sparks either.

- Screening may be required if there is extensive grinding, and this should be made of non-combustible material.

Hot work

Permits for hot work are issued on site at the fair. Contact Anton Eklund via the information desk at Lobby Nord. You who work with hot work must have a valid certificate for this. Fill in the form "Application for hot work".

The official supplier of the fair: