New trade fair brings together the Swedish manufacturing industry

The Swedish manufacturing industry will gain a new trade fair and meeting place at Elmia in Jönköping in 2016. The new fair Elmia Machine Tools will immediately be in the strong company of two well-established fairs, Elmia Automation and Elmia Welding & Joining Technology.

En ny mässa för svensk tillverkningsindustri får premiär på Elmia i Jönköping nästa år. Den presenterades i Stockholm på måndagen vid en pressträff med Peter Scott, kommersiell chef Elmia AB, Ove Leichsenring, vice ordf. för SAG, Mathias Lundin, vd för Svetskommissionen, Chris Schmidt, ordf. för MTAS,  Hasse Heneby, styrelseledamot i SVMF och Robert Sumberesi, vd, Elmia AB. FOTO: Elmia AB.

“Sweden’s growth and well-being rest to a large extent on industrial companies’ competitiveness and opportunities for growth,” comments Åke Svensson, president of Teknikföretagen, an organisation representing Swedish engineering companies. “Within the industry as a whole it is therefore important that the various sectors are given good opportunities to work together and benefit from each other’s know-how. From this perspective, the new industrial fair is a welcome meeting place for companies with common challenges and possibilities. For Teknikföretagen and our members, everything that is done to strengthen the industry’s competitiveness and long-term profitability is beneficial.”

Teknikföretagen is one of Sweden’s biggest employers’ organisations with 3,700 member companies, which together represent one-third of the nation’s exports. Members include global giants like Ericsson, Scania, ÅF, ABB and Volvo but most members are far smaller companies. All these companies develop world-class goods and services and almost all their sales go to export in the face of extremely tough global competition.


Growth through competition

Teknikföretagen’s mandate is to give its member companies the best possible competitive conditions.

“Swedish industry has been globally competitive thanks to constant development, creativity and entrepreneurship,” Svensson adds. “But also as a result of cooperation between companies, the academic world and research institutes. This is a strength we must guard and develop, and in this respect shared industry contacts like industrial trade fairs have an important function.”

“We must have an industrial trade fair in Sweden – a meeting place that everyone can visit at the same time and where the industry has an opportunity to display its breadth,” adds Hasse Heneby, board member of SVMF (The Swedish Machine Tool Dealers’ Association). “As an industry organisation we feel it is important to have a trade fair that brings together our entire industry. We are to a large extent competitors but we also complement each other greatly.”

SVMF is the industry organisation for importers and suppliers of machine tools, sheet metal processing machines, tools, testing and measurement tools and automation/robot technology in Sweden.


A common platform

Together the three fairs offer a common platform for exchanging and developing ideas which can lead to new business opportunities. The fairs are also a valuable meeting place for the entire Swedish manufacturing industry.

“Elmia Machine Tools is a fantastic opportunity for us to help to create a complete industrial fair where visitors are given the chance to see the whole picture of what is available on the market,” comments Chris Schmidt, chairman of MTAS (Machine & Tool Association of Sweden), which represents Swedish-based manufacturers of specialty tools, tools and machine tools. “Both the industry and our customers benefit from cooperation and therefore it feels extra positive to be able to work with industry colleagues from SVMF, Swedish Automation Group and the Swedish Welding Commission.”


New synergies

Elmia Automation is the leading automation fair for Sweden’s manufacturing industry. It is organised in partnership with Swedish Automation Group (SAG), which is an alliance between the industry organisations Swedish Industrial Robot Association (SWIRA) and Transmissionsgruppen (TGS).

“Competition within the manufacturing industry is extremely tough today both in Sweden and globally,” comments Manne Seifter, chairman of SAG. “We must therefore make the trade fairs more valuable for visitors, and I believe that we have succeeded now by creating this platform. This presents the whole picture in a totally new way.

“All three fairs are specialised and focused on attracting the ‘right’ visitors. Holding them at the same time creates a spin-off effect and new business opportunities especially in automation for the manufacturing industry. Synergies and new cooperative ventures arise. These drive Swedish industry forward and help make Sweden more competitive on the international market.”

Elmia Welding & Joining Technology, which is organised in cooperation with the Swedish Welding Commission, was fully booked for its premiere edition in 2012. The Welding Commission is a technological organisation for the welding industry and it also perceives a number of advantages in the new common platform.

“We have a shared job to do with regard to industrial manufacturing here in Sweden – and that is to find joint approaches to meeting competition from abroad, both in terms of products but above all manufacturing,” comments Mathias Lundin, chief executive of the Swedish Welding Commission. “We also need to pull together to motivate young people to decide to train in the field of industrial manufacturing.”


The right place

The three fairs will be held together on 10–13 May 2016 at Elmia in Jönköping.

“Jönköping is in the heart of industrial Sweden and this enables the majority of the participants – everyone in southern Sweden right up to the Lake Mälar region – to be able to travel there and back in the same day to visit the fair,” comments Hasse Heneby of SVMF.

“Elmia works to reinforce various industries and is a natural value-adding meeting place for ideas and people, a meeting place where new business opportunities are constantly being created,” comments Robert Sumberesi, CEO of Elmia AB. “Historically, Elmia has played a role over the years as an industry developer. With this new industrial fair combined with Elmia Automation and Elmia Welding & Joining Technology we have now succeeded in creating an industrial cluster in addition to Elmia Subcontractor, northern Europe’s largest trade fair for contractors. I am proud that the industry has entrusted us to hold the fair for the first time in Jönköping."


For more information contact Peter Scott, commercial manager, Elmia AB, tel: +46 (0)70-660 98 26,