Business partners

The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association represents water and wastewater facilities and companies in Sweden.

Members of the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association supply drinking water and receive wastewater from more than 8 million people. They are therefore Sweden’s most important food producers and environmental conservation companies. The Association strives to clarify and strengthen the role of water and wastewater operations in society. We organise collaborations and disseminate knowledge in technical, administrative and economic issues, and we support technical progress and the development of new water and wastewater solutions based, for example, on an eco-cycle approach and strict requirements on protecting health and the environment.

Föreningen Vatten was formed in 1944 and is a nationwide, non-profit, politically independent association for knowledge about water and water conservation for our shared environment. Föreningen Vatten’s most important duties include arranging interdisciplinary professional meetings for improvement and debate, conferences for general and specialised expertise, and arranging the Water and Wastewater Fair. VATTEN – Tidskrift för vattenvård (WATER – Magazine for water conservation), has been regularly issued four times a year since 1945 and contains technical/scientific articles and items with wide coverage of water-related areas. Every year Föreningen Vatten awards several environmental prizes, including the high-profile VATTEN prize, to the deserving heroes of water conservation. The association currently has around 1,000 members.

VARIM is the industry organisation for consultants, contractors and product suppliers who work with water purification and treatment. Our task is to make the industry and our member companies more efficient and to help them create a healthy, profitable operation by conveying knowledge, placing strict requirements on members and simplifying industry conditions.

Cirkulation is an independent trade magazine for everyone working with water and sewage treatment. The journal Circulation is owned by publisher Ohlson & Winnfors AB in Örebro. They are specialized in water and environmental technology.

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, SwAM, is a government agency that works for flourishing seas, lakes and streams for the benefit and enjoyment of all. They are responsible for managing the use and preventing the overuse of Sweden's marine and freshwater environments. They take into consideration the requirements of the ecosystem and people, both now and in the future.

 VA-Guiden is a member association for members working within water and wastewater services.