10 - 13 Nov 2020
This autumn you have the opportunity to connect with new business partners. Your journey begins here.
  1. Register your profile

By clearly and accurately stating what you have to offer or what you are looking for, we can arrange a high-quality match between all participants. 

  1. Invite your customers and those you want to meet

Market your participation through your own channels and talk about what you offer or what you are looking for.

  1. Meeting request from participating buyers

Registration for Matchmaking is open now and until the end of the exhibition on 13th November. From 22nd September, buyers can make meeting requests to suppliers, and approximately two weeks before the start, suppliers will be able to offer meeting requests to participating buyers.

  1. Pre-booked and spontaneous meetings

During the week of the exhibition, you will participate in high-quality meetings that can lead to brand new business. In addition to any pre-booked meetings, you will also have the opportunity for spontaneous meetings throughout the week.


What does it cost to participate in Matchmaking?

If you have already registered as an exhibitor for Elmia Subcontractor 2020 and keep your booking for 2021, participation in Matchmaking is free of charge.

If you are not a registered exhibitor and wish to participate, the cost is SEK 3,000.

When do I have to register?

The earlier you register your profile, the more people will find you, and the higher the chance of more high-quality meetings.


>> I am a registered exhibitor and want to participate in Matchmaking

>> I am NOT a registered exhibitor but want to participate in Matchmaking