15 - 17 Nov 2022
– data collection

Connect your machinery to optimise production and simplify maintenance.
The future lies in supplementing product sales with services that create new value for the customer, and enable new earnings.

Based in Tranås, southern Sweden, Strömsholmen has for many years been a world-leading supplier of gas springs and gas hydraulic systems. Based on CombiQ’s electronics for data collection and its cloud service, Strömsholmen has developed a brand new offering called Toolmind. 

Through Toolmind, Strömsholmen can digitally communicate with its products also after they have been sold. Using the data gathered by Toolmind, Strömsholmen can offer customers new services such as streamlining maintenance and minimising operational disruptions in production, localising tools and assisting troubleshooting. 

Toolmind also enables Strömsholmen to advance in the value chain. From ‘only’ selling to companies that build the tools which are then used to press plate, for example, Strömsholmen can now also start a relationship with the people who actually use their products. Developing that relationship brings new competitive advantages and insights about the market that strengthen Strömsholmen’s market-leading position.

Toolmind is based on CombiQ’s Internet of Things solution for industry. Smart sensors collect data that is sent to a cloud service, where the user can log in and access information about the current status of a machine, diagrams, reports and more to facilitate production and maintenance. 

Lideco is the distributor of Toolmind in Sweden. They can be found at stand D02:36, where the system will be demonstrated.

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