15 - 17 Nov 2022
IPercept – Sensor-based status monitoring for industrial machinery.
Machine tools are often maintained according to scheduled intervals or when they break down. To avoid huge costs and unnecessary production stoppages, machines can instead be monitored continuously, with intelligent solutions that can provide relevant insights, and predict component breakdowns and product quality defects long before the problem occurs.

IPercept Technology’s total solution for monitoring industrial machines can be implemented in everything from machine tools to industrial robots, cranes and more.  

The system is implemented by mounting a container of highly sensitive sensors onto a machine. The sensors then collect data on the machine’s movements and behaviours, and the data is sent to IPercept’s cloud storage. In the cloud, sophisticated algorithms and research-based analysis methods are combined with advanced expertise in industrial mechanical engineering, to make qualified assessments of the machine’s status and the components’ maintenance requirements. 


 Once the system is installed and calibrated, the customer has access to a range of different insights, including information on: 

  • Statistics and analysis related to usage patterns 
  • The components at the highest risk of breakdown 
  • Root cause analysis of potential problem sources 
  • Rapid testing and analysis in the event of machine collision 

These insights and conclusions are visualised intuitively in the form of a visual control panel or using scheduled reports.  

All this can then be used to help the customer adapt their maintenance and machine use to reduce unnecessary downtime in production or deteriorating product quality.  

IPercept’s goal and vision is to give users with all types of industrial machinery more insight into their machines. 

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