15 - 17 Nov 2022
Using AI and camera technology, the quality of components and products can be inspected continuously in a production flow. Any defects can be categorised in order to simplify cause analysis and error correction.

Helix is used for 360-degree rotary inspection of cylindrical objects. Using AI, Helix can inspect all types of round objects, also in several levels, when a product or component is rotated both before and during the inspection. During the process, data is collected that helps to streamline and quality assure production.  

With an inspection time of three seconds, faults such as stains and bumps can be identified and categorised, making it easier to find causes and correct deficiencies. Gimic saves videos and images of each inspection in a digital log. 

Helix can be used independently, or integrated into the production line with robots.  Digitising quality inspections increases knowledge of when and where faults appear in the process.  

Moreover, assessment is no longer operator-dependent, which can otherwise be a challenge.  Overall this makes it faster to find causes: what isn’t measured cannot be improved. 

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