15 - 17 Nov 2022
Provide sterile technician training using Virtual Reality to ena-ble students to develop and practice hands-on skills in safe virtual environments.

This comprehensive training programme addresses a broad range of essential skills, including using specialist equipment, safely handling instruments and applying PPE correctly.


By using Virtual Reality, participants can learn by doing in safe virtual environments - eliminating travel, business disruption and limited access to facilities.

Training programmes are built upon the Gleechi platform, which provides the tools and technologies to create more immersive and natural VR experiences.

Together with YrkesAkademin, a vocational education provider that addresses the needs of the labour market, Gleechi has used the Gleechi platform to create a comprehensive sterile technician training programme.

Participants use a wireless VR headset to develop hands-on skills and can practice and learn infinitely from anywhere.

Participants learn how to apply PPE correctly, handle and identify issues with instruments and operate specialist sterilization machines and equipment.

Through VR, participants are able to learn faster, with greater knowledge retention and greater confidence to apply learned skills in the real-world.

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