15 - 17 Nov 2022
– Traceability with digital twins, for higher quality and sustainability along the entire value chain

Manual handling of quality-assured product and material certificates is time consuming and unreliable. Digitising the transfer of material and quality data enables more efficient handling and better traceability, which ultimately leads to higher quality.

Digital transfer and traceability via a digital twin of the physical product adds value for the customer.

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical object. This could be a machine or a tool, or even a house, a tunnel, a bridge or an entire city. The real-life object reports its current status to the digital twin, for example using sensors, thus simplifying both operation and maintenance planning. The digital twin can also influence its physical representation by constantly being connected and controlling it. Different future events can be simulated in the virtual world to test how the physical object will be affected in reality. 

The case focuses on the ChainTraced solution for digital twins as used by Bumax, a producer of high-strength bolts and part of Bufab.

The process:  


  1. Receives material certificate data from a subcontractor via ChainTraced.
  2. The Bumax lab registers and validates the results of quality controls in production.
  3. On delivery to the customer, the product certificate is created, emailed and made available to the customer automatically. 


  1. Receives the digital certificate from Bumax in ChainTraced.
  2. On delivery, certificates are created and sent automatically to the end customer. 

All the above steps include automatic checking that material and product requirements meet official standards.  

The following benefits have been demonstrated:  

  • 80% shorter handling time for creating certificates 
  • Higher quality through automatic validation  
  • Increased traceability 
  • Increased value offering and customer confidence

Watch the video here.

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