9 - 12 Nov 2021

Meet start-ups, scale-ups and companies on the leading edge at Pop-Up Expo

Today’s rapid pace of development makes it critical for established companies to look about and take advantage of the new knowledge and methods of young companies.

Located next to Subcontractor IoT Arena in Hall D, is a an area dedicated to start-ups with new solutions and expertise in ”Smart industry”. Here young companies can test their products on the market, find new potential customers and suppliers, get experience and also share their knowledge and passion. New meets established, small meets big.

That is Business Unusal.

In parallel with Pop-up Expo, the Connect matchmaking event where purchasers look for suppliers will be held.

In cooperation with Elmia and TRR Trygghetsrådet, speed interviews will be held between job-seeking white-collar workers, final-year students and industrial companies seeking the right skills. Recruiting companies will be exhibiting at Pop-up Expo.