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With “Emerging Technologies” Elmia Subcontractor takes yet another step to build bridges to the future for the industry. Startups at this one-day pop-up expowill exhibit such technologies as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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Subcontractor IoT Arena

Elmia Subcontractor is bringing the Internet of Things into the manufacturing industry. The fair’s new inspiration arena interweaves exhibitors with interesting presentations – all with a focus on the many possibilities of connected technology.

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Sweden’s biggest industry event, Elmia Subcontractor, offers the furniture and interior design industry its own arena – Interior Competence & Components (ICC). The arena will make the industry’s suppliers more visible to a broader market and create opportunities for cross-pollination and development.

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Sweden’s biggest industry event, Elmia Subcontractor, has again strengthened its position as the leading market place featuring new business deals and important discussions.

“We address the industry’s key issues of today, show tomorrow’s technical possibilities and understand the power of a handshake when doing deals,” says Karla Eklund, press relations officer for Elmia Subcontractor.

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The jury included, from left: Jonas Ekeroth of Jönköping Chamber of Commerce, Håkan Bäckström of the Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board, Tony Meurke of the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth, Max Sundvall of Enterprise Europe Network, Karolina Borg of Jönköping Regional Council, and Johannes Falkeström of Business Sweden. The moderator was Malin Jönsson of Enterprise Europe Network.

Pitch it! is a new event at Elmia Subcontractor where a company can win a SEK 250,000 (EUR 25,000) subsidy for a future export venture. First to take up the challenge was Glenn Wilander, CEO of QTech in Anderstorp, Jönköping County.

“The hardest part was to include as much as possible and not leave out anything important,” he says.

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Carmen Quinders, at the front, with the delegation from the Netherlands during Subcontractor Connect.

Some 200 meetings in two days between a total of 85 companies from 17 countries. Subcontractor Connect continues to be an important venue for doing new business.

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AnVa Polytech’s environmental rubber made no less a company than Volvo Cars prick up its ears. Today the two companies are successfully cooperating – which was made clear at Elmia Subcontractor.

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Diana Drewes and dr Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation

Subcontractor InnoDex has established itself as a real public magnet at the fair. Here visitors can see and touch innovations from around the world and listen to inspirational lectures during the entire week. 

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At Elmia Subcontractor Klarvik is presenting its new 3D drawing solution. The company is represented at the fair by production manager Fredrik Karlsson, finance officer Malin Karlsson, and CEO Jerker Blomqvist.

Now Klarvik can really call itself a total supplier of aluminium components.

At its stand at Elmia Subcontractor the company is presenting its new drawing solution.

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Lars Wester, key account manager at Horda Stans.

Stricter requirements for quieter environments have led sound absorption specialist Horda Stans to fine-tune its own product range.

The Småland company is focusing strongly on recycled textile and polyester fibres – which have excellent sound insulating properties – and is exhibiting them at Elmia Subcontractor.

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Morphing textile (Lilian Dedio, HfG Offenbach)

The exhibition Materials Revolution, showing innovations from all around the world, is a great success. Close to a hundred innovations appear in this year's show!

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The Linea series from TENTE can be designed to meet customer needs.

A company logo is no problem. Or a symbol for the department where the cart, table or bed belongs. At Elmia Subcontractor TENTE presents the endless possibilities that its Linea series offers the customer.

“Our solution with patterns on the castors is unique,” explains Linus Snis, who works with marketing at TENTE Skandinavien.

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The latest new products in the broad range of couplings offered by CENTA.

CENTA Transmission Sweden AB supplies four main industrial sectors: rail, general industry, marine and power generation. The company is very broad based in the fields of flexible couplings, complete transmission solutions and drive shafts.

“Currently we have some 25 series of couplings in different variations. The number of models we can offer is enormous,” says Krister Ryttberg, sales engineer at CENTA.

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Dr. Sascha Peters, the world leading innovation guru in the field of materials and new solutions. At Subcontractor InnoDex 2016 he will be showing an extensive collection of brand new innovations.

What is hot in the 3D printing area?

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Dr. Sascha Peters, the world leading innovation guru in the field of materials and new solutions. At Subcontractor InnoDex 2016 he will be showing an extensive collection of brand new innovations.

Subcontractor InnoDex, what’s in it for me?

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Dr. Sascha Peters, the world leading innovation guru in the field of materials and new solutions. At Subcontractor InnoDex 2016 he will be showing an extensive collection of brand new innovations.

Which are the big trends in the exhibition 2016?

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Dr. Sascha Peters, the world leading innovation guru in the field of materials and new solutions. At Subcontractor InnoDex 2016 he will be showing an extensive collection of brand new innovations.

What is his view on the new interior section at the fair? 

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Magnus Törnqvist, purchasing manager at CJ Automotive

The Swedish company CJ Automotive develops and manufactures complete pedal systems for leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. For the company, Subcontractor Connect has become an important tool to find new, keen suppliers. 

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The first order arrived the week after the fair and now the Latvian company is working hard to handle the great interest from all its new contacts. Amateks’ participation in Elmia Subcontractor 2015 gave immediate results.

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Matchmaking Elmia Subcontractor 2015

Elmia Subcontractor 2015 was the Czech metalworking company Kornet’s debut on the Scandinavian market.

“It was honestly one of our best trade fairs – we made a number of valuable contacts,” says Kornet CEO Ptáček Miloš.

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For 40 years Elmia Subcontractor has been a marketplace host, shining the spotlight on trends and creating value for the manufacturing industry. Future trends and positive signs for the industry through new business deals were also at the heart of this year’s fair.

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Marek Pochylý and Jan Cisar of Ray Service.

For the Czech company Ray Service the hunt for new business partners began at Elmia Subcontractor’s matchmaking service in 2013. Today the company is a repeat exhibitor at the fair.
“We want to expand in Scandinavia and this is the best route for us,” says Marek Pochylý, Key Account Manager.

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Timo Kabus from the German-Swedish Trade Council.

To maintain its national competitiveness Germany is investing heavily in a strategy called “Industrie 4.0”. The venture is also creating great opportunities for Swedish suppliers.
“Swedish companies are extremely well appreciated in Germany,” said Timo Kabus from the German-Swedish Trade Council during the seminar “Digitalisation and innovations in industry”.

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Dr. Sascha Peters is at InnoDex for the third year in a row. He is constantly busy telling visitors about the exhibition’s exciting innovations.

The future already exists at Elmia Subcontractor’s inspirational arena InnoDex. Designers and design engineers come here to discover the very latest from around the world.
“Visitors to InnoDex are interested in all kinds of innovations,” says Dr. Sascha Peters.

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Lead speaker at Elmia Subcontractor’s conference, Patrick Carey of Stratasys.

It’s not the 3D printer itself but rather a knowledge and understanding of its possibilities that can make a company successful. That was the message of this year’s lead speaker at Elmia Subcontractor’s conference on additive manufacturing, Patrick Carey of Stratasys.

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Stefan Hansson (at left) and Per Jünke are representing Saab AB and can testify to the Group’s multifaceted nature.

All the visitors to Saab AB’s stand at Elmia Subcontractor are encountering a multifaceted Group of companies keen to reach out. Saab’s Gripen fighter aircraft is a known symbol of the Group but the latter’s activities have a huge wingspan over many areas.

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Hamdi Abderrazak, Gro Salicath Nielsen and Giuseppe Lupo.

A new exciting continent is involved in this year’s Elmia Subcontractor. For the first time exhibitors from Africa are attending. The companies are from Tunisia and have a joint stand organised by their representative, Faster Service.

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Ann-Marie Ringqvist (right) talking with Johanna Larsson and Morgan Karlsson of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ unique Turcon Roto L seal was developed mainly for off-road vehicles but more areas of use have emerged at the latest Elmia Subcontractor.
“We got a lead on the very first day,” says Ann-Marie Ringqvist, Marketing Coordinator at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Sweden.

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Daniel Norén, at Autodesk, with a racing car he designed using Autodesk’s cloud-based service Fusion 360.

Shorten your lead times, reduce your production times and work more efficiently with product development. That’s how Autodesk is marketing its latest construction solutions, including the 3D design tool Inventor and the cloud-based solution Fusion 360, which the company is exhibiting during Elmia Subcontractor.

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Fredrik Selander of SKF is very pleased with the results of Subcontractor Connect.

No fewer than 500 business meetings were booked on the very first day of Subcontractor Connect, the B2B matchmaking service at Elmia Subcontractor that gives suppliers and purchasers from all over Europe the opportunity to create a foundation for valuable future business deals.

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Anette Flies and Finn E. Pedersen of Industrisamarbejdet Danmark at Elmia Subcontractor.

The Danish organisation Industrisamarbejdet Danmark works on behalf of its 10,000 member companies to create the best possible conditions for Danish companies. Part of this strategy is to visit Elmia’s trade fair for the subcontracting industry every year.

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Nolato Industrial consists of five different companies. At Elmia Subcontractor they are exhibiting together and presenting a wide variety of products.

Lighter, cheaper and above all easier to handle. Polymer materials have a strong and growing market, says Nolato Industrial, which has a joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor for its five different companies.

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Welser Profile specialises in roll forming complex steel profiles

Multi-year Elmia Subcontractor exhibitor Welser Profile stresses the importance of efficient materials handling. The key is to design smart cross-sections with bespoke functions.

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Tata Steel is one of the world’s biggest steel manufacturers and has had customers in the Nordic region for many years. Now the steel giant is coming to Elmia Subcontractor. This past spring the company bought three Nordic steel service centres and is intensifying its presence in this region of the world. “We think globally but act locally,” declares Tata Steel’s Nordic manager, Stefan Landesz.

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– Cooperation partners envisage reciprocal exhibitor and visitor recruitment

– Deal promises new export markets for industrial subcontractors

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Elmia Subcontractor has been a marketplace for the manufacturing industry for 40 years. Four decades of technical development, invaluable contacts, discussions and exchanges of knowledge, generating business worth hundreds of millions of euro. A winning concept for the whole manufacturing sector.

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A new trade fair for sheet metal working at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, has received a very positive reception from the industry. Elmia Sheet Metal will be held alongside three other trade fairs on 10-13 May 2016, jointly forming an important, strong foundation for the Swedish manufacturing industry. 

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Stefan Larsson, Sales Manager, Unnaryd Modell.

For this year’s Elmia Subcontractor, Unnaryd Modell is looking to expand into continental Europe. The company has just made its biggest investment ever and got a number of interesting new leads at last year’s fair.
“I believe one hundred percent in a lead that will definitely result in new business and it’s totally thanks to Elmia Subcontractor,” says Sales Manager Stefan Larsson.

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Martin Linder, Leab Group

Elmia Subcontractor 2014 was a successful fair for the electronics company Leab. Around ten prospects were picked up, plus a direct order for the production of a prototype.
“We take on one customer a year of that calibre. Our customer relationships are long-term and we generally work with companies for more than ten years. This means a lot to us,” says Martin Linder, CEO of the Leab Group.

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“An efficient forum for meetings with a good return.” That’s one of many positive comments about this year’s matchmaking event, Subcontractor Connect, which paired up 110 companies in about 500 business meetings.

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Marianne Peters welcomed invited guests, fair visitors and exhibitors during the Danish embassy’s reception at the joint Danish stand.

Sweden is still one of Denmark’s most important trading partners in the world. And Danish subcontractors can offer high-quality speciality products.
“Elmia Subcontractor is crucial for their contact with the Swedish market,” says Marianne Peters, head of the trade department at Denmark’s embassy in Stockholm.

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Autoliv continues to grow and is always looking for new suppliers.

Autoliv is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of vehicle safety systems. Its vision is to continue growing, which also means that the company is constantly on the lookout for new suppliers.
“We like it when suppliers tell us what it is we need,” says Jesper Frykestig, purchasing manager at Autoliv Sweden AB.

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Johan Lindqvist, Strategic Purchasing Director, Volvo Buses, was interviewed on stage during Elmia Subcontractor.

Challenge. Think long term and be keen to innovate.
If you can do that, you have a good chance of becoming a supplier to Volvo Buses. That’s the message from Johan Lindqvist, Strategic Purchasing Director, Volvo Buses, when he was a guest at Elmia Subcontractor on Wednesday.

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Karolis Šiugžda and Egidijus Koviera from Lithuania are very satisfied with the fair.

Last year they came to Elmia as visitors. This year they’re exhibiting for the first time. The Lithuanian steel fabricator Cranbalt is ready for the Swedish market and sees Elmia Subcontractor as the closest way in.
“The fair really lives up to its big reputation in the east,” says Karolis Šiugžda, Cranbalt’s sales manager in Scandinavia.

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For the second year in a row the German innovation guru Dr Sascha Peters is presenting innovative materials and products from all corners of the earth at the Subcontractor InnoDex arena.
“The rumour about InnoDex seems to have spread among Swedish designers – many of them have come here especially for this,” comments a happy Dr Peters. 

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Karolina Johansson did not have a quiet moment at Lasertech’s stand during the first day of this year’s Elmia Subcontractor.

3D printing is one of the hottest themes of this year’s Elmia Subcontractor. One of the companies moving into this market is Lasertech.

“People are extremely interested – there hasn’t been a quiet moment at our stand,” says Karolina Johansson, production engineer.

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions demonstrates the Turcon Roto L seal in the company’s stand at Elmia Subcontractor. Morgan Karlsson and Anne-Marie Ringqvist show how the seal works compared with a conventional seal.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is presenting its unique Turcon Roto L seal during Elmia Subcontractor.
“What’s so good about the Turcon Roto L is that the sealing lips are only activated when the system needs pressure,” explains Morgan Karlsson, a sales representative at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

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Anne Eriksson, marketing assistant at Ovako, regards Elmia Subcontractor as an excellent place to do business.

Ovako exhibits at Elmia Subcontractor every year. This year the company is launching a new steel at the fair, WR–Steel® – and will give two seminars about the new product. “This is a very important place for us, an excellent way to exhibit our products,” says Anne Eriksson, marketing assistant at Ovako Sweden.

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Gunnar Nygren på Ejot & Avdel framför nya konceptet Ejoweld.

Ejot & Avdel are launching two totally new concepts during Elmia Subcontractor – Ejoweld and Ejot FDS. Thee two technologies solve the assembly industry’s problem of joining lightweight and hard materials to each other.

“These technologies are excellent for both the automotive industry and the general manufacturing industry,” says Gunnar Nygren, sales engineer at Ejot & Avdel.

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An entire team from the American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors will be at Elmia Subcontractor next week.“Right now we’re probably the world’s fastest growing vehicle manufacturer and we need many new suppliers,” says the head of the company’s Scandinavian operations, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen.

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International interest in Elmia Subcontractor continues to grow. At this year's fair 31 countries are represented. One nation that wants Swedish companies to look to the southeast is Poland, which for the first time has arranged a joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor.
"Companies in Poland are very interested in developing, both in terms of innovation and technology," explains Izabela Urwalska, project manager at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. "Working with Swedish companies will make achieving this goal easier."

04 November 2014 Read more

A 3D printer that can print out two materials at the same time, bioplastic made of crab shell, and 4D printing. Innovation guru Dr. Sascha Peters is back with new material innovations handpicked for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

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Terry Wohlers, the world’s leading authority on 3D printing and additive manufacturing, is coming to Elmia Subcontractor in November. He will be the keynote speaker at the conference on the topic and share his expertise.

“Huge investments are being made into additive manufacturing all over the world,” he says. “Companies that want to remain competitive must use the technology. But it’s important to understand both its strengths and limitations in order to use it correctly.”

30 June 2014 Read more

Sweden together with Germany and other countries will develop a totally new method for product development in the automotive sector. This major international collaboration began thanks to contacts made at Elmia Subcontractor 2013. 

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