Connected plus wireless equals unlimited possibilities

A connected screw that transmits critical readings – or a pill camera for easier internal examinations. The solutions are both smart and creative. ShortLink uses wireless electronics to create new possibilities.

“The vast majority of our customers are interested in using some form of sensor to take measurements and then to process the data and send it on to be used as the basis of information, analysis and decision making,” explains ShortLink’s founder Hans-Erik Backram.

The company regards itself as a design agency within the electronics segment. With the exception of its own product range of broadband antennas, ShortLink delivers customer-specific solutions centred on wireless electronics.

“The solutions must have low power consumption and be rugged – not be disrupted by their surroundings,” says CEO Martin Valfridsson. “They must be compact and have a high safety level that meets applicable standards for connectivity and is based on secure protocols.”

Better measurement data with new technologies

All the technology solutions are created in house by ShortLink, whose extensive experience of wireless electronics dates back to the early 1990s, when it began developing wireless headsets in collaboration with Ericsson. The main focus is on the hardware, and the company targets such industries as medtech/healthcare, mechanical engineering, energy, infrastructure, home and building automation, consumer electronics, instrumentation and laboratory activities.

“The major customer benefit is that you can measure so much more with these technologies, and that gives the customer a good basis for making decisions,” Hans-Erik Backram says. “We’ve also created solutions with integrated technology in the form of products that have been given unique performance and unique properties.”

Connected screw and smart pill camera

One example is the development for the customer Strainlabs of a connected screw that conveys critical data to the user.

“The reporting occurs at regular intervals and the screw transmits information about its strain load, either because it is about to break or because the tightening has lessened,” Martin Valfridsson says.

Another example is the pill camera, which was developed for an Asian customer. Instead of undergoing an endoscopic examination with a camera that is inserted orally or rectally with the aid of a cable, the patient can swallow a pill camera that can do a complete examination of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Special ASIC expertise

“Here the challenge was to design a product with extremely low power consumption without compromising on image quality and with a good antenna solution without the pill being too big to swallow,” Hans-Erik Backram says.

The compact solution contains a camera that supplies up to seven images per second, a flash, drive electronics, a radio, battery and antenna.

“To create this solution, we needed to make an RF ASIC (Radio Frequency Application Specific Integrated Circuit), which is one of our special skills,” he adds.

At Elmia Subcontractor’s IoT Arena in Hall D, you can find out how ShortLink and other companies created smart connected solutions for their customers.