Nimble startups make the industry sustainable

AI, VR, AR, AM, deep learning. More and more companies specialising in these new technologies are being launched. In cooperation with industry, these fast-acting startups can ensure development, sustainability and competitiveness. At Elmia Subcontractor you will meet them at the Pop-up Expo.

It is no longer possible to shut our eyes to the major trend that is digital technologies. It is high time for businesspeople to focus on this trend in their own companies, if they have not already done so, argues Lena Miranda, CEO of Science Park Mjärdevi:

“In general Sweden is thriving right now. Many companies have lots of customers and work, but thereby also little time to focus on strategies, development and new ways of solving challenges. It’s important not to get left behind in this respect.” 

The innovative Epishine will be present

At the Pop-up Expo, a number of Sweden’s cutting-edge startups will be exhibiting their expertise in various fields. One of the companies is Epishine, praised for its innovative technology in Light Energy Harvesting. The company’s organic solar cells can be printed on plastic film to make them flexible, thin, and recyclable cells that use indoor light and become a sustainable and economic replacement for batteries.

“We want to show the possibilities of the technology we’re working with, and we hope to provoke new ideas about what opportunities the new technology offers,” says one of the founders, Anders Elfwing. 

Sustainability with fast solutions

Lena Miranda says that sustainability and reduced climate impact are becoming a so-called hygiene factor that attracts both customers and new employees. For an already established company, the solution can be to find a knowledgeable startup.

“It is incredibly important to understand all aspects of digitalisation and what new technology can contribute to your own company,” she explains. “If you can then find a good business partner among the startups with new solutions, then your transition can happen much faster than if you try to develop new solutions yourself.” 

Three focus areas

During the fair’s first two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Pop-up Expo will focus on emerging technologies. Thursday offers exhibitors in the field of IoT and Friday is devoted to skills supply.