Smart alliances – the industry’s key to IoT

This is the second year in a row for Elmia Subcontractor’s IoT Arena – and interest in it is growing. IoT solutions are the industry’s future.

“We have to start cooperating, networking and learning from each other.”

That’s the view of Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattson Mora Group AB. He presents the company’s own IoT venture in the form of a connected mixer tap, the Tronic WMS, and also describes the development route his company took to visitors at Elmia Subcontractor’s IoT Arena. 

The industry needs smart alliances in IoT

“We’re a traditional industrial company who decided to invest in an IoT venture based on a customer request,” Rälg explains. “We realised right away that we have to do what we’re good at and bring in help with things that are not our core business. In this case we chose to partner with Telia.”

The technology is developing quickly and the opportunities are huge, but Rälg says that for an industrial company to succeed, it must network, cooperate and learn from others.

“Smart alliances are the key driving force in this field if we want to succeed. And we have to see things from a user perspective so we don’t let ourselves be dazzled by the technology.”


More cases and more visitors

Elmia Subcontractor’s IoT Arena is presenting 17 different cases in four fields: Smart

Home, Smart Mobility, Wearables and Smart Components. The cases encompass everything from connected grapevines and apple orchards to a retrofit of one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants from 1968 with the help of IoT and AI.

Last year’s edition of the fair was the first time that IoT solutions were given their own exhibition section. At the same time, the fair also opened up to a totally new group of IoT suppliers.

“The aim of IoT Arena is to inspire visitors and present concrete examples of what the sector can involve,” explains Magnus Mörstam, manager of Subcontractor IoT Arena. “We’ve moved location from where we were last year, so we’re now more in the centre of Hall D. We also have more cases and I think we’re also seeing more visitors.”