Prototal in a new streamlined version

The vision is to become the world’s fastest manufacturer of plastic components. New owners and several strategic acquisitions within the group are giving Prototal a new profile.

Regular visitors to the fair are sure to recognise the name. Prototal has been exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor for many years – but now we are meeting a partly new and changed company.

“In 2017 we got new owners in the form of the investment company Wilron Holding, which has also acquired a number of other market leaders in various fields,” explains Mikael Sohlberg, representing Prototal and also Marketing Manager of its sister company GT Prototyper.

Narrower service offering – with cutting-edge expertise

For Prototal, the acquisition has meant a tighter focus to its business in Jönköping. Today the company offers three main services, all in plastic. They are 3D printing, PUR casting, and injection moulding with the manufacture of the associated tools.

“We’ve chosen to move from a broad service offering to fewer services but with cutting-edge expertise,” Sohlberg says.

And what does the expertise involve?

“Size and capacity within each business area. You should always be able to achieve the right times, whether the job involves a single printed model or full-scale plastic production.”

Focus on strong customer relations

The goal is to be the market leader within each area. To get there, Sohlberg says customer care is a critical component, and one reason why the company and group repeatedly exhibits at Elmia Subcontractor.

“Maintaining contact points and building continued strong customer relations is one of the fair’s strong points. It’s of huge value to us to meet so many existing contacts and also new ones, as we can do within such a short time here at Elmia Subcontractor.”