Five concrete tips from IoT Arena for digital solutions

Inspiration, new contacts and the latest technology in digital solutions. That’s what Subcontractor IoT Arena is all about. But above all, it’s an arena that gives you ideas to take home so you can start right away on developing your own solutions.

The Swedish lift truck manufacturer Kalmar Global had an idea for a simulator to teach new operators. The company had big plans – a real cab, the correct interior, and as real as possible. But then it thought further: what’s actually the most important aspect of the simulator?

The answer was the advanced joystick. The single most important task for new operators is to really get to know the joystick inside and out. So Kalmar Global began to downscale elsewhere. The pedals were given lower priority and the steering wheel was replaced by an ordinary gaming one.

The only thing remaining of the original concept was the joystick – the core of the problem that needed to be solved.

“Don’t start by developing something to solve all the problems of the world. Instead, consider what problem really needs solving. If the basics work, it’s easier to add more later,” explains Johan Hellström, Digital Business Developer at Kalmar Global, He continues:

“Don’t create a solution to something that doesn’t need solving. Scale down as much as possible and have short development steps. If something goes wrong, you only have to back up a small step.”

The simulator from Kalmar Global and Combitech is only part of IoT Arena, which also exhibits the latest digital solutions in their real-world applications.

“You gain new knowledge here that increases your competitive edge. Digitalisation is giving us a host of new tools which, if they’re used right, can greatly increase competitiveness. And that’s something that should interest all companies,” says Magnus Mörstam, coordinator of Subcontractor IoT Arena.

The IT consultancy Combitech, which supplied the simulator to Kalmar Global, is exhibiting at IoT Arena to present some of its solutions.

“A large part of a trade fair is the business to business meetings, but here visitors can see how other manufacturers have exploited digital technology. This type of event is important – how can you otherwise find out how the technology can be used?” comments Sebastian Maghsoudi, IT consultant at Combitech. 

Five tips if you’re considering a digital solution!

  • What problem needs solving?
  • Scale down and add more later.
  • Use short development steps.
  • Dare to think in new ways.
  • Don’t do anything just for its own sake.
Digital solutions at IoT Arena
Digital solutions at IoT Arena