Elmia Subcontractor mobilises for the future

The coming megatrends. The rapid development of new, disruptive technologies. A changing global market. It is no longer “business as usual” and Elmia Subcontractor faces that fact head on. Sweden’s biggest industry event takes a comprehensive grasp of both the present situation and the future via inspiration arenas, stage programmes, matchmaking events and four halls filled with exhibitor

The digital transformation is upon us and there is a long list of new, disruptive technologies that are taking an ever-increasing slice of the market. This is creating totally new opportunities but is also challenging the industry to adapt and keep up with developments. What is the best way to handle this transition? How can you be a winner in the global competition that is being opened up by digitalised supply chains and trade platforms?

Staying on top of the situation

As Sweden’s largest event for the industry, Elmia Subcontractor provides a comprehensive picture of today’s key issues for a strong future – both on the stage and in the exhibitor stands.“Our goal is to give a good, overall picture of the supply chain’s capacity and unique abilities,” explains Karla Eklund, fair manager of Elmia Subcontractor. “The large number of exhibitors, together with a range of other events, makes the fair a clear indicator of how the manufacturing industry is developing and what the future has to offer.” 

Four topical focuses

This year the fair’s programme has four clear focuses – in on-stage interviews, one-day pop-up exhibitions and a range of events.

Emerging technology addresses the new, disruptive technologies that are creating totally new opportunities while also challenging companies to adapt.

Digital transformation discusses the fact that rapid IoT development is digitalising entire processes and making all of society face a digital reset.

Smart supplier highlights suppliers’ changed conditions and customers’ new demands. Given global competition and ever-faster technological development, the mutual supplier-customer relationship becomes ever-more important. As a supplier it is critical to be able to offer your customers added-value solutions and delivery, while also being a smart choice offering innovation, creative solutions, flexibility and the ability to fit in with the customer’s digital infrastructure.

Global outlook puts the world under a magnifying glass. Digitalised supply chains and trade platforms make both the opportunities and the competition global. At the same time, the world market is hard to judge due to Brexit, challenged free-trade agreements and a new wave of protectionist obstacles. 

Arenas push development

Several separate arenas will be spread throughout the fair halls in order to present clearly and concretely what is happening and to offer inspiration for development. Subcontractor IoT Arena offers actual cases from various sectors of the industry with fascinating connected products and services. Subcontractor InnoDex has about 100 international innovations on display this year, including materials, lightweight and additive manufacturing. At Pop-up Expo various startups are exhibiting daily, offering skills and solutions that will soon be invaluable for the established companies in the industry. All in all, this makes Elmia Subcontractor’s offering very much “business unusual”.