Cepa firar 40 år på Elmia Subcontractor

Orders basically every year. Important customer care. And, not least, a hugely enjoyable trade fair. It’s not so strange that the Skåne-based company Cepa returns to Elmia Subcontractor year after year.

It all began back in 1977 when Metalltryckeriet, which is what Cepa was then called, exhibited together with Luna. The next year the company exhibited at its own stand, and ever since things have just continued on. A number of the early business contacts made at Elmia Subcontractor were with companies that are still Cepa’s customers.

“In this industry, you can’t just advertise in the regional newspaper or on television. You have to go where purchasers and design engineers are, so that you can create business relationships. We’ve basically got an order every year that we’ve exhibited,” says LG Håkansson, who owns the company, and whose father founded it over 70 years ago.

Love their jobs

Today the company is represented at Elmia Subcontractor not only by LG but also his son, Michael, who is CEO, and LG’s brother, Paul, who used to be one of the owners and is here even though he is now retired. The fair is just unmissable.

“It’s such great fun to exhibit at the fair. On the way, we stopped and ate a good dinner in Växjö at PM & Vänner, and this evening there will also be a good dinner,” LG says.

His view is seconded by Peter Nielsen, who for a number of years was CEO of Cepa and now manages the factory in Poland.

“We have great fun and love our jobs. Every year we come here, it’s exactly as if it’s the day after we left the year before,” he says.

New times

At the same time, a lot has obviously changed over the past 40 years, both at Elmia Subcontractor and Cepa. The fair has become broader and more international, while Cepa has developed by always adopting new technologies. Today the company is a supplier to the engineering industry, with special expertise in laser processing, deep drawing, and powder coating. Major customers include Alfa Laval, ABB, Volvo, Getinge, General Electric and Jøtul.

“Our attitude is that every component we supply will be so important and so advanced for the customer that they can’t get rid of us,” concludes LG Håkansson.

Brothers LG and Paul Håkansson together with LG’s son Michael Håkansson, the company’s current CEO.