Ambassador in 2018

Zenta a digitalisation leader

Zenta is the digitalisation agency that is attracting such major players as CEVT, Swerock, Swerea (the Swedish Research Institute for Industrial Renewal and Sustainable Growth) and others. But Zenta also wants to help small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the digital future. This year the company is one of Elmia Subcontractor’s three ambassadors.

Elmia Subcontractor’s new venture in 2017, the IoT Arena surrounded by exhibitor stands, was a success. One of the first to book a stand there was Växjö-based Zenta, which was surprised by the interest shown by the really large companies.

“We soon became aware that many global players visit the fair and we gained many excellent contacts,” says Zenta CEO Bennie Forss, adding that since that time Zenta has begun collaborations with companies including CEVT and Swerea.

“Among other things, we’re looking at how we can digitalise windscreens for CEVT and how we can digitalise and improve the efficiency of the casting industry with Swerea,” he adds. “Our focus is on the industry but a large proportion of the market hasn’t woken up yet. Many companies don’t understand how much they can gain by digitalising. So we are also working with other industries, which gives us an invaluable breadth. When we came in contact with CEVT, we brought with us knowledge about how to breed seeds, how to cut in water, how IT functions with electricity and so on.”

At Zenta, both space and time is given to creativity and the employees’ own interests. Every employee has one day a month to use to develop their own ideas. The office has a digital workshop, “Makerspace”, with a 3D printer, and facilities to cast in rubber, solder together robots, paint and so on.

“This has meant that we’ve been able to attract the best creative minds,” Forss says. “We have many skills in the building, which can together create an experience, such as when a person sits down in a car.”