Welser Profile’s technology saves materials and the environment

Multi-year Elmia Subcontractor exhibitor Welser Profile stresses the importance of efficient materials handling. The key is to design smart cross-sections with bespoke functions.

Welser Profile, which has an Austrian parent company, says steel profiles have unlimited uses. More than 20,500 different profile cross-sections have so far left the production facilities in Austria and Germany. Every day up to five new bespoke profiles are created in steel and non-ferrous metals.

The production process involves significant environmental responsibility. As well as having several ISO certifications, Welser has chosen to use other methods to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. These include using newly developed materials, such as ultra-high durability steel, which reduce the specific weight of individual components.
As well as using lightweight materials, Welser has also developed a production process that manufactures profile cross-sections with extreme optimisation in terms of their weight and engineering design. In addition to achieving high durability and stability values, the company has also reduced the thickness of its products.

Roll forming technology offers many advantages.
“Compared with conventional forming, which is not optimised in terms of strip thickness, the weight is reduced,” explains Welser sales engineer Edwin Pfisterer. “The method also saves resources and is optimally adapted to the function. Quite simply, less material is used and that means lower costs. And that’s exactly what our customers expect today.”

The green environmental effect is noteworthy. In many cases Welser’s profiles have successfully led to lower energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to Welser’s profiles, one train carriage manufacturer was able to reduce its axle load from 12 to 7.5 tonnes. Another customer, this time in the truck industry, reduced the weight of its trailers by 30 percent by cooperating with Welser and other business partners.

This versatility allows the company to meet customer-specific demands and requests. At Welser Profile’s stand during Elmia Subcontractor visitors can see samples and discuss roll forming solutions.

Welser Profile specialises in roll forming complex steel profiles
Welser Profile specialises in roll forming complex steel profiles.