"We find at least one gold nugget every time"

The Swedish company CJ Automotive develops and manufactures complete pedal systems for leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. For the company, Subcontractor Connect has become an important tool to find new, keen suppliers. 

Magnus Törnqvist, inköpschef på CJ Automotive

If you know what you’re looking for and want something new, then the matchmaking service is an efficient and effective tool. So says Magnus Törnqvist, purchasing manager at CJ Automotive, who has participated in Subcontractor Connect a handful of times. 

“We’ve built up long-term partnerships with a number of suppliers we’ve met at Connect – ones we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise,” he says.

Focus gives results

He adds that a clear focus on what you are looking for is an important key to success.

“Some years we’ve chosen to meet with companies in various segments in a specific geographical market. Another year perhaps we’re out after installation equipment and so we only look at such companies. When you have a clear idea in your own mind and in what your criteria are, then the meetings are high quality.”

Time pressure pays off

The matchmaking meetings are limited to a maximum of 25 minutes. Törnqvist says this may not sound like much but it also forces participants to be clear and come prepared. It is a very efficient way of working, even though it may not lead to a jackpot every time.

“If I have eight meetings booked in one morning and two or three turn out to be totally wrong then it’s not the end of the world. I’ve still met five interesting prospects worth pursuing. Sometimes you take a chance on something that looks exciting and then you can also be positively surprised!”

Magnus Törnqvist’s tips for a successful matchmaking:

1. Book an appropriate number of meetings per day or things can get stressful. Half a day of meetings and half a day at the trade fair is a good combination.

2. Focus on specific areas and you will have a greater chance of getting a really good hit.

3. Are you a supplier? Read up on the company you will meet and understand the types of demands made by the customer’s industry.

Magnus Törnqvist, purchasing manager at CJ Automotive
Magnus Törnqvist, purchasing manager at CJ Automotive