Unique seal gains new applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ unique Turcon Roto L seal was developed mainly for off-road vehicles but more areas of use have emerged at the latest Elmia Subcontractor.
“We got a lead on the very first day,” says Ann-Marie Ringqvist, Marketing Coordinator at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Sweden.

Agricultural and off-road vehicles are often equipped with various central tire inflation systems (CTIS). These allow a vehicle’s tire pressure to be increased or decreased depending on the surface. Sports cars have the same requirement and this is where the Turcon Roto L enters the picture.
“At high speeds the cars will perform better with a high tire pressure or even with a different tire pressure on each wheel, depending slightly on the track they’re being driven on,” explains Henrik Sindmark, Technical Knowledge Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Jönköping.

The Turcon Roto L seals around the axle of a CTIS system. The patented design means the seal is only applied when it is needed. The long-term result is increased lifespan and lower operating costs.
“Because the seal is only activated about ten percent of the axle system’s operating time, the sealing system will function for the vehicle’s total lifespan,” Sindmark says.
Even more importantly, friction is eliminated when the seal is not pressurised. This saves energy and leads to significant fuel savings for the vehicle owner, he adds.

This year Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has its stand right by the entrance to Hall A, in “the pole position”, as the company itself says. As usual, product advances and innovative sealing solutions are presented there. Elmia Subcontractor is an important marketplace for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and each edition of the fair always leads to new contacts or potential deals.
“I think the fair has begun really well and we are sure it will be an excellent week,” Ann-Marie Ringqvist says. “We’re firm believers in this fair.”

Ann-Marie Ringqvist (right) talking with Johanna Larsson and Morgan Karlsson of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.
Ann-Marie Ringqvist (right) talking with Johanna Larsson and Morgan Karlsson of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.