Success for Leab at Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor 2014 was a successful fair for the electronics company Leab. Around ten prospects were picked up, plus a direct order for the production of a prototype.
“We take on one customer a year of that calibre. Our customer relationships are long-term and we generally work with companies for more than ten years. This means a lot to us,” says Martin Linder, CEO of the Leab Group.

Ahead of Elmia Subcontractor, Leab spent a lot of time both planning its appearance at the fair and sending out invitations to new and potential customers.

An investment that brought results; during the fair, a new customer came on board, and Leab will be providing production services from its factory in Estonia.

“We had an order in our hands, but we had been in discussions earlier and thought it might be useful to meet at Elmia to check things out. This was a completely new customer with great potential for the future,” says Linder.

Apart from the direct order, Leab is working with around ten definite prospects picked up at Elmia Subcontractor. That is a large number, as Leab has a short prospect list which is updated every year.

“We usually have one or two new customers a year, who are carefully selected. They can’t be just any company and we have tough criteria for the customers we want to work with. After Elmia Subcontractor we can boil all the prospects down to five or ten who meet our strict demands,” he continues.

Leab mainly produces applications for industry and the security sector. These could be anything from circuit boards to complete products – often customised for demanding environments.

Alarm systems, train security systems and metering equipment are examples of products made by Leab.

“Elmia Subcontractor is a good forum for us, which is why we always exhibit there. We work with various different industries, and of course we could also go to trade fairs for medical equipment, railways and so on. But the breadth at Subcontractor means that we really do want to be seen there,” Linder concludes.

Martin Linder, Leab Group
Martin Linder, Leab Group