Subcontractor Connect meetings give a taste for more

Over 200 booked meetings. More than 110 delegates. And a total of 21 countries. At the Subcontractor Connect matchmaking event, suppliers and purchasers find each other to launch new business partnerships.

“It’s a good arena for a first meeting, one that I can recommend highly,” comments Anders Tingström, CEO of Colmeo.

Brief, efficient and individually customised meetings. That’s the reality at Subcontractor Connect – the arena for meetings between purchasers and suppliers from throughout Europe. One participant is the IT company Colmeo, which has developed a cloud-based service that makes the production process more efficient.

“I believe very much in face-to-face meetings,” Tingström says. “Everything’s becoming more digital these days and it’s important to meet. It’s also good that Elmia is helping. This way we can find purchasers and they can find us. It’s also extremely time efficient.”

The matchmaking event is held for two days in cooperation with the Swedish business development company Almi, EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) and FKG (the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association). The process is simple. Purchasers can request meetings with specific suppliers or register a purchasing profile. These profiles are how Tingström booked his own meetings.

“This is a terrific way to make first contact,” he says. “I’ve had meetings with three German and one Estonian company. They’re companies I’d never have met otherwise.”

Subcontractor Connect offers several advantages. New contacts. International companies. And, above all, new business deals – something that Icelandic company Vaki is a clear example of.

“We’ve begun working with two new suppliers after we participated in 2018,” says Torvaldur Logi Pétursson, head of development at Vaki.

Vaki operates in a niche industry and manufactures products that measure and calculate fish populations. The company is on the lookout for suppliers with skills different from those it has in house.

“We have broad knowledge about electronics and vision but not so much about the production process itself – that’s the type of supplier we want to find here.”

Markus Jonsson, EEN, Anders Tingström, Colmeo, Torvaldur Logi Pétursson, Vaki, Bragi Sigurkarlsson, Vaki.