Subcontractor Connect – meetings that pay off

“An efficient forum for meetings with a good return.” That’s one of many positive comments about this year’s matchmaking event, Subcontractor Connect, which paired up 110 companies in about 500 business meetings.

Carefully matched business meetings pay off. That was absolutely clear after Subcontractor Connect was held for the tenth time.
“Previously we have sometimes had even more meetings booked, but both we as the organisers and the participating companies have become more select about who we match with whom. That leads to good results,” explains Carina Lahall, coordinator of Subcontractor Connect.

Thanks to this careful matching process and the many participating purchasers, the event has also become known internationally. This year companies from South Korea and Thailand were among those here for the first time. Marek Pochylý, a sales rep with the Czech company Ray Service, took part for the second time.
“It’s hard to know now what this year’s meetings will lead to but one of the six contacts I made yesterday was really interesting. And if only one meeting pays off, it’s worth the whole trip,” he said, adding that his company is considering returning as an exhibitor in 2015.

The automotive company BorgWarner TTS took part as a purchaser in the event for the third time, this year using broader search criteria.
“We tend to look for suppliers of specific components but this year we’re looking for several different types,” explains purchasing manager Ingvar Nilsson. He says the matchmaking is a good opportunity to meet many suppliers at the same time.
“It’s an efficient forum for meetings, and the combination with the trade fair increases the value more.”

His company discovered what is now one of its biggest suppliers at the fair a few years ago. Nilsson says the key to success is to come prepared.
“You must have a clear agenda, and the matchmaking forces you to do that. You make choices that you can then work with. It’s really efficient.”