Startups with the technology for your future

With “Emerging Technologies” Elmia Subcontractor takes yet another step to build bridges to the future for the industry. Startups at this one-day pop-up expowill exhibit such technologies as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

“These technologies can change everything from our business models to how we produce and deliver our products and services,” explains Lena Miranda, CEO of Mjärdevi Science Park and coordinator for the startups at the fair.

New winning collaborations 
She adds that today’s rapid pace of development makes it vital for established companies to look around and take advantage of the new knowledge that exists. And she hopes that the expo can inspire visitors to think in new ways about their own business operations and to find ways to be more competitive in the future.

“Startups are nimble and can benefit from the new technology. They can adopt new business models and digital platforms right from the start. There’s a lot to gain from working with these companies to benefit from their ability to change within their own business operations.”

The Pop-up Expo in Hall D is a new venture featuring one-day exhibitors on various themes. Emerging Technologies will be held on 14 November. During the fair startups will also be participating on the themes of Information & Technology (15 November), Export (16 November) and Skills Supply (16 November).