SSAB exhibits the first step toward the Internet of Materials

SSAB SmartSteel 1.0 is steel that contains digital information. All the material information the customer might need can be scanned with a smartphone and displayed via an app.
“This makes it transparent and clear for all stages of the production chain. It’s a first step towards fully connected materials,” explains Lasse Bengtsson, Marketing Manager at SSAB.

The company’s stand at Elmia Subcontractor is exhibiting sample sheets of steel containing codes that can be scanned so visitors can test how SmartSteel works.

“The material info and the certificate – we’ve put everything in the cloud. Wherever you are in the manufacturing chain and whatever properties and facts are relevant for you in particular, you can easily check what you want,” Lasse Bengtsson says.

Connected all the way
The project is a partnership between SSAB in Sweden and Finland, with support from the Swedish research funding agency Vinnova and its Finnish counterpart, Business Finland. The aim is to create a platform where companies can share data and solve problems together. In the longer term, the steel should also be able to communicate with the processing machine so the machine can adjust itself to suit the steel’s properties and performance.

“The Internet of Materials and ultimately the Internet of Things,” Lasse says. “That everything in the production chain is connected in some way – that’s what the whole industry must work towards together.”

More innovations
At Elmia Subcontractor SSAB is also exhibiting other products, including Multisteel, a new grade of steel that meets two or more specifications in the same steel sheet.

Steel containing digital information is a first step towards fully connected materials.
Steel containing digital information is a first step towards fully connected materials.