New benefits from investing in Poland

International interest in Elmia Subcontractor continues to grow. At this year's fair 31 countries are represented. One nation that wants Swedish companies to look to the southeast is Poland, which for the first time has arranged a joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor.
"Companies in Poland are very interested in developing, both in terms of innovation and technology," explains Izabela Urwalska, project manager at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. "Working with Swedish companies will make achieving this goal easier."

Polish companies are no longer using low wage costs to attract investment. Instead, Poland has followed Sweden's example and can now offer skilled labour and high-quality products. One step towards finding investors interested in Poland is the joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor in November. No fewer than 17 companies will attend, mainly in the aircraft, automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

In recent years trade between Swedish and Polish companies has been most intensive in the automotive- and machine component segment. These two areas happen to be ones where Poland is currently in an exciting development phase. There are good hopes that the positive trend will continue.

"Sweden is very far ahead in both these sectors, which creates a platform for further cooperation. Swedish companies can contribute their know-how and at the same time the Polish subcontractors are looking for investments and new technical solutions," Izabela Urwalska concludes.