Kornet found a new market

Elmia Subcontractor 2015 was the Czech metalworking company Kornet’s debut on the Scandinavian market.

“It was honestly one of our best trade fairs – we made a number of valuable contacts,” says Kornet CEO Ptáček Miloš.

Matchmaking Elmia Subcontractor 2015

As a first-time exhibitor in a totally new market, it’s not easy to know what to expect. But for Kornet the event was a good investment.

“I had a really good impression of the whole fair,” Ptáček Miloš says. “Right now we’re preparing offers in response to invitations to tender and then we’ll wait for the replies. What the end result will be is too early to say but we’re doing our utmost to clinch as many deals as possible.”

As well as exhibiting at the fair, Kornet also participated in the matchmaking event Subcontractor Connect, where suppliers and purchasers are matched in effective business meetings.

“We had really interesting meetings and now we’re working with the enquiries that resulted from them,” Ptáček Miloš says, adding that the fair as a whole was worthwhile.

“We had no previous experience of Scandinavia but had many exciting discussions with potential partners. So we’re happy to work with Scandinavian customers and partners in the future!”

Matchmaking Elmia Subcontractor 2015
Matchmaking Elmia Subcontractor 2015