Innovation guru with global breakthroughs – back at Elmia Subcontractor

A 3D printer that can print out two materials at the same time, bioplastic made of crab shell, and 4D printing. Innovation guru Dr. Sascha Peters is back with new material innovations handpicked for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

Last year’s success, Subcontractor InnoDex*, is back with a new and broader offering. Also returning is Berlin-based Dr. Sascha Peters, one of the world’s biggest names in the field of materials and technology. He is keen to link design engineering with design to achieve more efficient product development. In the hunt for new, exciting innovations, he scans the world at large and has contact with research institutes around the world.
“One strong trend is that 3D printing is growing quickly in industry. All materials can be produced with 3D and we have now reached such a high level that it is possible to print any product at all,” he says.

The exhibition “Material Revolution” includes a futuristic 3D-printed sculpture of a vehicle, designed to show the potential of additive manufacturing. Visitors can see how a technological unit is integrated into a component during the actual printing process. A specially designed piece of furniture is on the spot, printed as a single piece by the world’s biggest 3D printer. Some examples of materials for the future are “Plastic Stone” composite, which makes it possible to freely form stone, wood veneer in tube form which is lighter than both carbon- and glass fibre, interactive “Light skin” which lights up from touch, vibration and pressure, and bamboo fibre composite which is developed for industry by Swiss researchers.

After last year’s Elmia success, Dr. Peters is looking forward to coming back.
“Last year’s visitor interest was fantastic. It will be really exciting to again discuss innovation and development with product developers and design engineers from Swedish industry.”


* Subcontractor InnoDex is the arena for all the industry’s product developers, design engineers and designers – a knowledge and inspiration arena that is out of the ordinary, with exhibitions and lectures about innovative materials, new and more efficient techniques and creative processes.