How Horda Stans dampens high noise levels

Stricter requirements for quieter environments have led sound absorption specialist Horda Stans to fine-tune its own product range.

The Småland company is focusing strongly on recycled textile and polyester fibres – which have excellent sound insulating properties – and is exhibiting them at Elmia Subcontractor.

Whether you’re at the office, in your car or in bed, ambient noise levels must be kept within acceptable limits. This places big demands on manufacturers, who compete to offer the best products.

Horda Stans, whose products include sound absorbers, structure-borne noise dampeners, sealing strips and furniture components, primarily serves the automotive, engineering and furniture industries.

“Our main focus is moulded articles and solutions that can be integrated into the systems our customers have in their own products,” explains Lars Wester, key account manager at Horda Stans. “Scania, Volvo, Nibe and Bosch are some of our biggest customers.”

One important part of the company’s operations is to develop sound-absorbing components. One of the main types, which Horda Stans is heavily emphasising during Elmia Subcontractor, is felt made of recycled textile fibre, which is used in the car industry. The company also offers a combination of recycled textile and polyester fibre, which is excellent for reducing noise in an office environment.

“We’re at the forefront in polyester fibre,” Wester says. “We have close contacts with the raw material manufacturers and can produce a bespoke material in terms of density, thickness, shape and combination to meet each customer’s individual requirements.”

Horda Stans also does a lot of business with the furniture industry with its office screens, which can be ordered in both 2D and 3D format.

“At Elmia we have the opportunity to present all our products and to show that we can do a variety of things,” Wester concludes. “Exhibitors, customers, purchasers and project groups come together under one roof and for us it’s a major business advantage to be here.” 

Lars Wester, key account manager at Horda Stans.
Lars Wester, key account manager at Horda Stans.