Global expert on 3D printing comes to Elmia Subcontractor

Terry Wohlers, the world’s leading authority on 3D printing and additive manufacturing, is coming to Elmia Subcontractor in November. He will be the keynote speaker at the conference on the topic and share his expertise.

“Huge investments are being made into additive manufacturing all over the world,” he says. “Companies that want to remain competitive must use the technology. But it’s important to understand both its strengths and limitations in order to use it correctly.”

Wohlers gives lectures and advice to major corporations world wide regarding 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM). ABB, Airbus, Apple, Ericsson, Nike and NASA are just a few of his clients. Every year he publishes Wohlers Report, which is regarded as the bible of 3D technology and is a global survey, analysis and forecast about additive manufacturing and 3D technology.
“We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer the absolute leading expertise in a technology field that is now starting to become very important,” comments Karla Eklund, project manager of Elmia Subcontractor. “It’s important for subcontractors to understand and become familiar with this technology.”
Terry Wohlers founded his consultancy firm Wohlers Associates in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the early years of 3D technology almost 30 years ago. As the world’s leading authority on the topic, his company is now often featured in the media. Bloomberg Businessweek, CNBC, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal are some examples.
Swedish industry representatives in the field of 3D printing say Wohlers’ participation in the conference is very important to the industry.
“His visit is a huge opportunity for the industry and educational institutions to acquire business intelligence about the opportunities offered by additive manufacturing,” comments Evald Ottosson, chairman of SVEAT, the industry association for Sweden’s suppliers in additive manufacturing.

“Terry Wohlers can give the international perspective,” adds Sten Farre of Swerea. “I believe this can be a wake-up bell for many people that they have to act now if they want to get aboard the train.”

The conference, which is being held during Elmia Subcontractor on 11 November, is organised by Elmia in collaboration with Swerea and SVEAT.


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