First year with exhibitors from Africa

A new exciting continent is involved in this year’s Elmia Subcontractor. For the first time exhibitors from Africa are attending. The companies are from Tunisia and have a joint stand organised by their representative, Faster Service.

“Until now our contact with the Scandinavian countries has been minimal so we believe our job is to build a bridge between Tunisian industry and the entire northern European market.”
So say Giuseppe Lupo and Gro Salicath Nielsen, Technical Director and Marketing Manager respectively at Faster Service. They themselves come from Italy and Denmark but have been active in Tunisia for most of the past 15 years. In that time both of them have seen Tunisia’s domestic industry develop in every respect.
“Because Tunisia’s industry is so well developed today, we believe looking at the Scandinavian market is a natural step,” they explain. “Tunisian companies have all the necessary European certificates, highly competitive prices, great production flexibility and a lead time to Scandinavia of only a week.”

The Tunisian joint stand at Elmia Subcontractor naturally has a strong appeal.
“We visited the fair in 2013. We were very impressed by the diversity of products and all the very interesting stands from different countries. We also discovered a great interest in Tunisian products, which are fairly unknown at present. That’s why we decided to create a Tunisian stand for this year.
“But it was not an easy task. In Tunisia, Sweden is perceived as being very far away and there is little knowledge about the market in this part of the world. But we managed to put together a small stand for this year and are preparing a larger one for 2016. Then Tunisia’s institution for export press relations, CEPEX, will participate.”

The companies at this year’s Tunisian stand represent a variety of industries. Demconstruct makes products such as ventilation and façade systems, Soteca focuses on electronics, and Nielsen Textil Sourcing Sarl is in the textile and clothing industry.

“It feels important to market Tunisia. It’s a small, peaceful country in Africa with a growing economy that has masses to offer northern Europe,” Lupo and Salicath Nielsen conclude.
One proof of the successful peace activities came earlier this year when the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015.

Hamdi Abderrazak, Gro Salicath Nielsen and Giuseppe Lupo.
Hamdi Abderrazak, Gro Salicath Nielsen and Giuseppe Lupo.