Elmia Subcontractor opened the door

For this year’s Elmia Subcontractor, Unnaryd Modell is looking to expand into continental Europe. The company has just made its biggest investment ever and got a number of interesting new leads at last year’s fair.
“I believe one hundred percent in a lead that will definitely result in new business and it’s totally thanks to Elmia Subcontractor,” says Sales Manager Stefan Larsson.

When construction on the new iron foundry began in late summer last year it was the biggest investment in the history of Unnaryd Modell. Although the project was relatively newly launched when Elmia Subcontractor opened its doors last November, Stefan Larsson and his colleagues were still able to present their company’s new plan. Almost all their existing customers visited their stand during the fair.

“We got a number of leads to follow up but it’s too early to say anything about new customers for the iron foundry,” he says. “That will be our focus during this year’s fair.”

Construction on the foundry was completed on 29 January and the installation of the mechanical equipment was scheduled for completion in April.
“We will be unique in having a hybrid line where we cast aluminium and iron on the same line,” Larsson says. “We have low volumes and manufacture prototypes so we need to be able to handle a relatively large number of different types of segment in order to get good feedback for our customers’ series production. Above all, this involves acquiring in-house knowledge and developing future projects.”

Unnaryd Modell manufactures prototypes primarily for engine and chassis components for big customers like Volvo and Scania. Many customers also come from the engineering industry. With this investment Unnaryd Modell is now a total supplier of cast products in both the aluminium and iron market segments.
“There’s no other supplier in Sweden with this total concept,” Larsson says. “And there are only a few in the whole of Europe.”

Strong demand in recent years has given Unnaryd Modell both work and the finances to be able to grow.
“A lot of the reason we’re expanding is so we can focus more on Europe,” he says. “The export market seems to be heading in the right direction for Sweden, according to some economists at the major banks. We will be focusing on this theme during this year’s Elmia Subcontractor and of course we hope that foreign visitors come to our stand. In my opinion Elmia Subcontractor is the most important meeting-place for subcontractors in Sweden.” 

Stefan Larsson, Sales Manager, Unnaryd Modell.
Stefan Larsson, Sales Manager, Unnaryd Modell.